What are reasonable rates for Somerville moving companies?
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What are reasonable rates for moving companies for a move within Somerville, MA? Any recommendations for good movers? Everything seems more expensive than last time I did this.

The moving company my friends and I have used in the past has sadly gone out of business and I'm in the market for a new company. Last time I moved, it was about $250 + parking permits to move from a third floor walkup to a first floor apartment in a house. Quotes are coming in WAY higher this time from other companies - in the 400-500$ ranges, even though this is a 1 person move with less furniture compared to a 2 person move last time.

There are a couple of options here that I'm having trouble disambiguating: is it possible they're misjudging how long it'll take? The hourly estimates some companies have provided are substantially longer than my previous, more elaborate move. Have market rates risen in the 3 years since I last moved? Are there hidden gem companies or moving methods that are cheaper and still effective that I should be looking at? Did I just get super lucky last time and my old company went out of business because they couldn't make money charging such cheap rates?
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My last two moves in the area - one from Somerville to Arlington, and a second from Arlington to Stow -- have been with Nick's Moving Company. They were fast and reasonably priced; I think I paid $600 for the Stow move, and that was a solid 45 minute drive each way.
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I have used Nick's Moving for my last two moves (moving out of a house into another house, then out of that one into another house.). I don't know how they compare to other companies cost-wise, but they were fast, friendly, very professional, and I was very happy with them. I don't ever plan on moving again but if I do I would use them again.

My moves were expensive, moving a whole house load of crap (including a piano), but you sound like you have a lot less stuff and they're closer to you so there will be less cost for travel.
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Best answer: Have market rates risen in the 3 years since I last moved?

Yes. Part of this is some new requirements for insurance; part of it is just the constantly increasing cost of living in this area. $100/hour and up is standard now.

Intelligent Labor is very good and very reliable.
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We just hired movers, and most of the quotes were in the $115-$175/hour rate (except for Gentle Giant, which was about twice that). I think they all charge extra for living above the first floor, requiring a hoist, bulky furniture, etc.

We also learned that Somerville charges about a hundred bucks for moving van permits, and if you're moving within the city that's two permits PLUS they charge for the signs.
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We've used Safe Responsible Movers twice, were quite happy with the results, and their rates ($100-$115 per hour, depending on truck size) were lower than other companies we contacted. However, we did not need permits for any of our moves.
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We used Nick's Moving for an intra-Somerville move and a Somerville-to-Salem move. They were fantastic both times, though it's been long enough now that I can't recall the price, probably about $500 for the Salem move (that was just the big stuff, we carted most of our boxable stuff ourselves).
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I've had great experience with Spry Movers for two moves within Cambridge. Don't recall the cost, but both were for fairly large moves.
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My friend used BCB Moving (located in Malden) for a small move of furniture from one MA town to another, and was pretty pleased with them and their rates.

Yelp reviews here.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the recommendations! I'll look into them and see if they're any more competitive than the people we'd been talking to. Might just have to suck it up and pay the newly increased rates or manage the process myself and shedding as much of the furniture as possible. Will come back and update with the decision when I've made one.
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I, too, have used Nick's Moving, with good results. Last year, they charged us $200 (and there were $80 worth of tips) for a small move from Somerville to Cambridge, light two-bedroom load. Nothing damaged, tolerant of us having a few things not-quite-packed when they arrived, and pretty fast.
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Another +1 for Nick's. They moved us from Porter to Ball squares, then from Ball to Salem.
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Are you moving on September 1st or thereabouts? If so, that could explain some of the disparity -- when I moved last year I learned that there was a 50% premium for moving the same day as everyone else in the Boston area. Makes perfect sense, though a little frustrating. We paid ~1k for 2 bedrooms on 9/1 (and it was worth it).
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Response by poster: Ended up going with Intelligent Labor. Nick's was slightly cheaper per hour (and very helpful) but due to some other factors (location they're driving from, minimums, timing on desired days, etc) Intelligent was the better deal.

Thanks for the advice!
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