Canadian/International equivalent to American Science & Surplus?
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Is there any online store even roughly equivalent to American Science & Surplus that ships to Canada? By "roughly equivalent" I mean "has a large selection of random science-y supplies/doodads/gizmos at reasonable prices."
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I recommend a pilgrimage to Active Surplus on queen in Toronto, or a place listed here.

There's edmund scientific's franchisee in Canada: sell online but seems to have a large selection of 'assemble this for a science fair' and not, say, stepper motors and microcontrollers . Their prices aren't impressive and it, you may want to bite the bullet and deal with shipping prices/.

For hobby robotics, it gets a bit better:
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ThinkGeek and UnitedNuclear ship to Canada.
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You can get some of what you want at, which ships free worldwide. Beware that shipping takes a few weeks (at best), you may not get the colour pictured, sometimes it is broken out of the box (and they will refund; take a photo and use their forms); scrutinise the photo to grok exactly what you are getting (dollar-store junk or fun functionality?) but for the most part. if you order right, it is modestly science-y educational fun fun fun in the mail for a pittance.
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