How can I enjoy Comic-Con as a non-ticket holding civilian?
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I moved recently to San Diego. I enjoy the occasional comic book, video game or scifi movie, but I'm not fanatical about it. Comic-Con is coming in a few weeks. Are there any activities for someone who's kind of interested in the whole thing but not really committed, or should I stay away unless I am donning my Darth Vader outfit? I've heard tickets are ridiculously hard to come by, but is there somewhere open to the public I can go, do some people watching and maybe buy some wares?
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As Comic-Con has outgrown the convention center, there have been more and more events and vendors held outside the center itself. It's usually film and video companies that need a little more space than they can get on the floor.

Also, TR!CKSTER started last year as a sort of anti-con running across the street. They have great books for sale and some signings and a bar, and that's pretty much open for anyone.

The entirety of the Gaslamp is overrun by Comic-Con attendees, so you'll see enough costumed kids just wandering the streets as well.
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Keep an eye on the San Diego Citybeat (independent weekly). They should have listings for after-parties as it gets closer to Comic Con. For example, here's an article about nightly events during last year's Comic Con.

There's also this: San Diego Zombie Walk

Seconding people-watching in the Gaslamp. I used to work near the convention center, and it was fun seeing all the people in costumes walking around.
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We went to Wootstock and a recording of the Nerdist podcast last year, and it was lots of fun. We had dinner kind of on the early side (right at 5) before the Nerdist recording, and caught the tail end of the zombie walk, as the zombies dispersed to eat and drink. Also about half of the bikeshaws were dressed up with giant cardboard Game of Thrones thrones, and I think we hit some kind of nerd bingo when we saw Darth Vader ride by in one.

Neither of those events requires a badge, but both do require you to buy tickets.

Downtown San Diego is so weird, it's not hard to find parking even in the middle of that insanity. So getting in and out is not the nightmare it might be in another city.
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The unofficial SDCC Blog has a list of Comic-Con related outside events, including the aforementioned Trickster.

There appear to be a few comic art museum shows nearby (Art of Frankenweenie, Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibit).

See the Outside Comic-Con for more details on Comic-Con specific food trucks (History Channel BBQ Truck, ParaNorman Ice Cream Truck, etc.)

The outside of the Comic-Con has turned into a carnival of sorts, especially along Harbor Drive and the walkway parallel to the trolley tracks.
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