Which NAS boxes support DHX2 authentication?
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Is there a NAS device that supports DHX2 authentication under $200, which holds 2TB?

I'm looking for a NAS device that supports DHX2 authentication in its firmware, which is under $200 and stores 2TB or more.

General NAS recommendations are fine, so long as the device meets all of the following criteria:

- supports DHX2 authentication
- is under $200
- stores 2TB or more

Thanks for any tips!
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I suspect the problem you're worried about is the whole Netatalk kerfuffle? At this point in time I think most NAS vendors have caved and have supportable devices.

I have an Iomega StorCenter. Iomega was one of the last of the vendors to support Lion. I can't recommend the device, for the following reasons:
a) while the software does have a backup function, restore is rather problematic as it removes ownership and permissions.
b) In the 2 years I've owned it both drives have failed. On this issue Iomega has been very supportive, and they've provided me with replacement drives under warranty pretty quickly.
The 2 by 1Tb Storcenter can be had for less than $200. You then have the option of whether you want it to mirror (so it appears as a 1Tb drive) or not (so it appears as a 2Tb drive). I'm damn glad I chose mirror.

I asked this question before but now that it's working again I haven't replaced the device.
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Apparently, Time Machine plays with the current version of FreeNAS: here's a link.. It's pretty straightforward to set up.
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Not that I use Timemachine, but I have to echo Orb's suggestion of Freenas. It is rock solid, will offer you more services than you probably need. It is simply great at what it does and the more i dive into it, the more I setup more services. Accessing your own file anywhere with a connection is great. Plus raids and adding more storage is a breeze, torrents, and of so much more.
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I setup my freenas box for less than $100. I have two raid 1s (one 750; One 500) and only purchased a raid card (nas actually handles my raid), a new power supply, brackets, and cables. I recycled most of the machine from other systems. It can br done easily with you budget with a bit of craiglisting and deal hnting.
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