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Fast forward one year later, boss situation changed again. Help me make it change for the better this time.

This is a followup to this question. Fast forward almost exactly one year later and New Boss is gone for a variety of reasons. We were previously a department of four (including Perfect Boss or New Boss). One colleague left in November, due in part to New Boss.

I was just advised that the Boss position will not be filled but rather the duties will be split between myself and two colleagues, one of whom was who New Boss reported to and whose larger department we are somewhat a part of. I am, so far, happy with this arrangement. The person who took on new roles took time to meet with me, learn about me as a person & our department's programs, etc. and Boss' Boss is a person who I get along with, have learned from and has a wonderful reputation within our industry.

While I'm not saying this is a Forever Job (TM), it's something I enjoy doing & plan on doing for the foreseeable future. This marks my first real "career promotion" and I want to make the best of it. The other remaining person in our department has been here for ~20 yrs & I have a great relationship with him. I want to keep it that way. Any tips for being kind of new boss? Any "lessons learned" from being on either side of the equation? We already have a weekly touch base as well as a larger department meeting and sit approx 10 feet from one another so can easily talk if something comes up.

Also any suggestions for handling expanded roles, not spreading self too thin, work life balance, etc? Our industry is one that leads itself to out of work hours events, which I already attend but know I will be doing more. Just want to make sure it all goes well.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.
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It is sort of hard to answer this question as it lacks some focus. That being said, being in charge -being the boss- is a large step. Make sure you are compensated for the additional responsibility. If you aren't you are going to be pushed laterally (pay wise) over and over.

Secondly, consider all the bosses you may have had. In your mind build a vision of the best part of each them that would not run in conflict to your morals. Choose to be that person. I find a few key things to work.
1. Be kind, listen, make time for the people who report to you no matter what.
2. Show up. Have answers. Be prepared in all cases.
3. Don't be a dick. Really. Be capable and don't be a dick.
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