Schedule A Hiring Authority
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Has anyone been hired by a US government agency under the Schedule A Hiring Authority?

I worked for a government agency on a temp basis a few years ago through the Workforce Recruitment Program (a disability manager came to my college and offered me a job because I had a disability.) I finally got a Schedule A letter from my doctor which states I'm disabled and gives me what I need to fall under this program. Basically I can apply non-competitively to government jobs; more info here.

I found a list of disability managers in many government agencies and emailed them stating I have my letter and would like to find a job in my area along with my resume and transcripts. The ones who have applied so far basically state "we will put your resume in our database where hiring managers can view it for up to one year."

I know falling under Schedule A does not guarantee employment but has anyone picked up a job from this whether it was from applying for jobs through or emailing disability offices and having your resume in their database?
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Best answer: I work in human resources for a federal agency and I can say our agency at least is very active in recruiting individuals with disabilities. I think what you've been doing so far is great. Keep applying to jobs via USAJobs but also keep trying to make in person contacts at agencies you're interested in. Also, go to job fairs. That's another way to make in person contacts with federal recruiters. Hope this helps!
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The key is keeping everything up to date in USAJobs. Applying to openings is pretty much another job, but so, so worth it!

I'd love to work for the Federal Government, but here I am in the private sector.

Good luck, and hang in there!
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