A Lot of Monitors a Few Computers
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I would like to run a lot of monitors (100+) with a few computers. Functionality isn't important, the visual is. It's for an art space. Any suggestions?
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Do you want to run them interactively? Do you want to repeat the same image across each monitor, or tile one image across many?

The last time I looked at this, there were cards out there that would let you run 8 screens from a single PC, and in theory, you could run 2 of these in the same PC.
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Response by poster: Probably a combination of all three. The vast majority of them would be "pretty but dumb" cool screen savers tiled across multiple monitors, a number of them would have actual data (twitter feeds, whatever) then a handful would be tied to functional workstations.
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Perhaps you're looking for a video wall controller?
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Google "digital signage software." It's an entire industry whose job is to do precisely this (usually with the screens in different physical locations, but it's the same basic functionality).
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If they don't all need to show different things, you can split VGA. For example, Monoprice has 1x16 splitters for $75 and 2x16 for $120. There's 32 monitors covered from a single dual monitor card.
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Best answer: A friend of mine did a similar thing in Brum last year, it's all documented pretty well on his site including the cheap Ebay VGA splitters he used
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The more computers you have, the easier this will be. As you're only running basic things, I would start looking for whatever old computers you can scrounge.
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