(Reverse) tether me up
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon, rooted/unlocked). I'm trying to share the connection from my laptop to the Galaxy Nexus (i.e., so the Galaxy Nexus can utilize the connection I have on my laptop). Can you help?

1) My device is rooted and unlocked (using wug). I have the SuperUser application on my phone and 2 apps have been granted permissions so I'm fairly sure I'm actually rooted (is it possible I'm not?).
2) I'm in USB debug mode
3) Running ICS, 4.0.4

1) Android doesn't detect ad-hoc networks, apparently, or at least the Galaxy Nexus doesn't
2) Neither of the programs I found to address the issue seem to work with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (even if rooted/unlocked) For the Reverse Tether App, I get "Failed: Device not rooted or Permission denied"
For the Android Reverse Tethering 2.30, I can connect to my phone, but I'm stuck at "Check Superuser: NO RIGHT" it's certainly not a timeout issue, and as I said above, I'm fairly certain the device is rooted.

Thanks for your help...perhaps it's simply impossible, but it makes me sad.
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Best answer: Do you have Windows 7 on your laptop? Just create a regular infrastructure WiFi network.
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Does your laptop have bluetooth? Try looking for the Open Garden app. It's relatively new, and is a whole different beast. Open Garden is a mesh network that connects devices of all sorts and allows all of them to use each others network availability as one big pool of ways to reach the internet.
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Response by poster: Holy ****! That was so easy I can't believe there are so many more complex solutions and so much hand-wringing over this issue on Android forums. Nonsteroidal, I owe you a cold one. Or six.


To set it up, open a cmd window as Administrator and issue the following commands:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=YOURFRIENDLYSSID key=SOMEPASSWORD
netsh wlan start hostednetwork


It was that easy.
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Response by poster: Btw, thank you also Burhanistan and zengargoyle. No bluetooth on my (Win7 x86) laptop, and I didn't try Connectify since the first answer was a charm (especially with my penchant for the command line) but I am going to keep it in my bag of tricks in case this magical method fails (or I am issued some new MS OS).
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