When and where did I see Chicago on the "Chicago 16" tour?
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Does anybody really know what time it was (in 1982, or 1983, when I saw my first concert...)? For a piece on first-ever concerts, I'm trying to figure out when I saw Chicago on their "Chicago 16" tour. I'm guessing it was 1982 and it was in St. Paul, Minnesota, so probably at the St. Paul Civic Center, though I can't swear to that. Are there any master concert lists for the band Chicago, or a ticket stub somewhere? I'd also be curious to see what we paid and if there was an opening act...
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This ticket stub site has a few stubs from their 1982 tour. Unfortunately none of them are near MN (and the site charges money to view them), but it may help you narrow down your date range.
Sunrise Musical Theatre (Sunrise, FL) - May 29, 1982
Stanley Theater (Pittsburgh, PA) - June 15, 1982
Chicago - Indianapolis Music Sports Arena (Indianapolis, IN) - June 16, 1982
Warwick Musical Theatre (Warwick, RI) - July 21, 1982
USF Sun Dome (Tampa, FL) - November 20, 1982
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Looks like it was probably at the Northrup.
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Response by poster: Whoa, Bourbonesque, that is so weird. I just don't think so! I so distinctly recall going to the St. Paul Civic Center-Auditorium complex, but man, Northrop Auditorium at the U of M was also a big concert venue. Now I'm thoroughly thrown.
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Well, and it's incredibly frustrating trying to google anything because, y'know, 'Chicago'. That's the only confirmation I've been able to find of a show anywhere in the TC in 82-83, though.
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Best answer: Someone here seems to think it was at the Northrop too.
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Response by poster: That last link has the answer! I went in 1985 at the St. Paul Civic Center, not in 1982. Thanks!
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Then it will be the Chicago 17 Tour and a site that links to an impounded megaupload bootleg has a set list of a Californian concert on that same tour.
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