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What would the ideal website of your local sexual health centre look like? Looking for links, ideas, general commentary...

I'm looking for opinions from people who would use such a website as potential clients/information seekers. Criticism/problems you've had with these types of websites are welcome, and links to good sites and sources for sexual health information would also be appreciated (Canadian would be good, but feel free to link to anything you think could be useful). Thank you!
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Besides the basics (list of services provided, hours, how to make appointments, etc.) I find descriptions of procedures and options to be helpful, for example, here on Planned Parenthood's site. Discussion of what a "typical" check up is like is reassuring, for instance, who is doing the procedure? who will be in the room with me? (and what gender?) how long does each type of visit/procedure/test take? I also appreciate if a center explains their policy on being LBGT friendly, who the services are intended for (low-income only?), etc.

Online scheduling is also cool from the patient's end, but not sure how much of a headache it is for the clinic.
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I'd like some guidance on when I should come to the sexual health centre and when I would be better off seeing a GP. My local clinic has a list of services they provide, but it's couched in very medical language and I don't know what exactly half the things on there mean. Will you do my cervical smear test?

I'd like to know when is the best time to drop in for a short wait time, and what kind of things I might need an appointment for. I'd want an answer to questions like, "I had unprotected sex two nights ago, do I need to come in right now for emergency contraception or can it wait until I'm on the way to work tomorrow?"... and "Seeing as you are shut, where should I go for emergency contraception right now?"

What's involved in getting on the pill? What if I'm under 16?

If I was at all interested in the possibility of having an abortion, I'd like to see a clear policy about that, so I can understand what the criteria are for getting one, and be confident that I will not be received judgementally or presented with arguments from the Bible.

Pictures of the clinical staff would be nice.
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Questions I might want answered:

What do you offer in the way of contraception/tests/services?
Is your establishment pro-choice?
What are the rates? (May not apply in Canada; I don't know)
Do you have a sliding fee scale?
What kinds of insurance, if any, do you accept?
Do you have emergency hours?
Who works there, and what are their credentials?
What languages do the personnel speak?
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Chart listing types of contraception/prophylactics, how they work, how to get them, and whether they can be used together. Hormonal birth control + condom = yes! Condom + female condom = NO.

I remember reading a uni health center website that suggested doubling up on birth control by wearing two male condoms at once. Noooo!
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Just thinking of some likely FAQs:

About your services
How often should I get a regular gyn check-up?
Do I have to get a pap smear? How often is it recommended, and can I refuse?
Can I have a female (or male) doctor/nurse examine me, by request?
Do I need my parent's/spouse's permission for any of your services?
Can someone else come with me to the appointment?
Should I come to my appointment even if I have my period?
I think I might be pregnant, what steps should I take before making an appointment with you?
I'm pregnant, do you offer OB care or referrals?
Do you offer referrals to counselors for various sexual problems?
I was sexually assaulted, what services can you offer me? (what check-ups do you recommend; what steps do you take to make sure my visit is comfortable; what other local resources are available to me)
I have an abusive partner, what services can you offer me? (counseling? other local resources?)
What services do you offer for men?

General info
I'm going to have sex for the first time, how should I prepare?
I'm going to have sex with a new partner, should we be tested and for what?
Facts about birth control (rather than myths)
Facts about common sex acts
Facts about diseases that spread by sexual contact/STI/STDs
Facts about pregnancy
Facts about EC/the morning after pill
Facts about abortion
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Can someone else come with me to the appointment?

And the flip side of this is:
If I want to meet with the doctor/nurse alone, rather than with the person I came with (parent, spouse, etc), how can I request that?
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The San Francisco City Clinic site, and this page in particular has been invaluable to me.
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