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Recently when I print with Firefox, it tries to squeeze everything into 1 page. The text is TINY. I have tried "Print 100%", Scale to Fit, Print regular in preferences (HP Laserjet 4200). I have tried to print with different drivers. Nothing I do save "Print 200+%" works, and that's absolutely absurd to have to do each time. Chrome prints things fine, but I really don't want to have to use a different browser each time... Anybody have an idea? Any info I seem to find on the web comes up with old FF2 and FF3 printing issues. Nothing with a more current version on the mozilla forums.
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In Firefox, go to File - Page Setup. Ensure that "Scale" is set to something reasonable (I usually use 90%). Ensure that "Shrink to Page Width" is unselected.

Yes, I do find it odd that there are separate settings for the program and the printer driver.
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To clarify, if you have the menu bar disabled (ie, the upper left corner of the screen is an orange "Firefox" button), you would select Firefox - Print - Print Setup.
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Thank you! That is completely why I was having issues. 40% GAH! :D :D :D You just made my day...
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What are you printing? Views of webpages directly from the browser? If so, have you considered doing a Print Screen, opening it in MS Paint, then adjusting it any way you like in Page Setup? That's probably more work than you want to do, but printing directly out of a browser is usually crude and leaves you at the mercy of the browser's settings.

If it's only the text you want, why not highlight the text and copy/paste in a Wordpad, Word, or other word-processing doc and then adjust the text to any size you want?
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