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What are these fruit, seen outside a 24 hour shop in North London? Are they (please god, let it be) tomatillos?
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How big are they? Because they look like tomatillos without the husk to me, but if they are smaller (like cherry tomato sized) they may be ground cherries, though those tend to be orange when ripe.
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They are sour green plums! Beloved by Turks, but an acquired taste for most.
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Oh, also, they're only available this time of year, hence my certainty.
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Jesus you people are quick!

These were outside a Turkish grocery (know to us only as Best Shop), so that would fit. The search for fresh tomatillos in London goes on... but will definitely have a bash at that stew!
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May be plums, but look for all the world like Green Tomatoes to me.

Tomatillos are much smaller and have a papery-husk on the outside.
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Do try a couple of them with salt - I was in Turkey on vacation this time of year a couple of years ago and got these with my breakfast most places. Not my favorite thing, but an interesting taste/texture experience (very crunchy, very tart).
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You know in a pinch they are pretty similar in taste profile to tomatillos. At least once they are cooked.

Actually in the US where its hard to find green plums I've seen tomatillos recc'd as a sub many a time.
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If you're looking for tomatillos in London have you tried the New Covent Garden Market? I don't know if they'll sell to people off the street but if anyone stocks them in London they'll be there.
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You can get tinned tomatilloes in the mexican shop up in Bethnal Green.
and I think there is a stand in borough market which also do them. Also tinned sadly.

If you find fresh I would love to know!
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