How to turn Skydrive off in Windows Live Mail
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Using Windows 7, use Windows Live Mail for my email program. I use an all-in-one printer to scan documents and send as attachments in emails. Now Live Mail automatically uses Skydrive for all attachments, I would like to just have normal jpg attachments without Skydrive. I read on Windows website how to set it not to use Skydrive in Hotmail but I need to know how to set it to not use it in Live Mail. Can anyone help me??
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It appears you can still attach photos normally, although the method may not be as intuitive as before.
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Answer to question on how to change to jpg file and not use Skymail on email attachments:

When the message window opens with the photo album, click on one of the images. On the Format tab that now becomes visible, click the paperclip in the Album styles section of the ribbon.

Just in case some other person has this problem this is how you do it!
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