Identify the mystery plant
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I have a municipal garden plot in Montreal. Two plants have been invasive this year and one of them has me stumped.

I thought I could identify all the common local weeds, but I can't identify this plant. I guess I should've put something in the picture to indicate scale, but it's a smallish plant that radiates out from a central point, and sticks close to the ground. No flowers that I've seen, but then I've been pulling it out.

Can anyone put a name to it?
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posted by cardboard at 8:53 PM on July 27, 2005

A.k.a. portulaca. You may want to reconsider thinking of this plant as a weed, especially in a garden. A rose is a weed, if it's unwanted. Portulaca is highly nutritious, packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Been used for thousands of years in salads and medicine. Don't pull it, eat it! And good for you for gardening!!!
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Purslane has lots of omega-3 fatty acids and sells for $5/bunch at one organic farm I'm familiar with.
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Yes, a fellow gardener had shown me the plant was edible, so perhaps now I will leave it alone unless it's growing right on top of something else.
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