What font does USA Today use for headlines?
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What font does USA Today use for their headlines? For example, "New year, new challenges" in this image: http://www.2001exhibit.org/press/img/usa_today.gif For that matter, what's their logo font?
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I don't recognize the serif display face offhand. But the font in the logo (also used for san-serif display type) is either Futura or one of its knockoffs (e.g., 20th Century). Looks like Futura Bold Condensed (severely kerned) in the logo itself.
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For future reference: WhatTheFont.
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Google "usa today headline font"
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I ran Zair TL's example, after cropping, through WhatTheFont. It came up with some similar fonts, but did not suggest Gulliver, because MyFonts does not sell it.
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