Laser Hair Removal Tipping Etiquette
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I recently purchased a living social coupon for 3 sessions of laser hair removal but am unsure of tipping etiquette for the procedure? Is it customary to tip for laser hair removal – and if so, how much?

The message boards I’ve come across offer nothing but conflicting advice. If it matters, it appears to be a small office that specializes in laser hair removal and little else. Finally, this is in Westchester County, NY (right outside of NYC) so regional specific advice would be great!
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I didn't, but mine was in a doctor's office setting so it never would have occurred to me.
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I was in the exact same situation as you. I bought a laser hair removal voucher from living social (had never done it before) and was confused about the tipping policy. I also found conflicting advice online (yes if it's a "medical" spa, never, always, etc.). I waited to decide until I got to the office--if I saw the little tipping envelopes displayed or other clues, I'd tip. As it turns out, I went farther than that. I didn't see any sign that tipping was expected (even after watching other customers carefully to see what they were doing), so I straight out asked the receptionist if tipping was customary. She said it was very mixed--some people do and some don't. They did have tipping envelopes, but they were behind the desk and pulled out only when requested. I erred on the side of tipping since I had a good experience. I did 15%.
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I absolutely would not. This is a medical procedure.
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No its a medical procedure
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I tip 10-15% of the full cost of the service. I tip for all upkeep services: (hair, nails, waxing, facial, massage). I had the LHR done in a spa- it was not expressedly implied that one needed to tip, but they did have the envelopes at the front desk. I figure if someone is holding a laser to my body and does a good job, (and I got the service significantly discounted- in my case 80% off), then the tipping is fine. I might feel differently in a doctors office- I'm not sure that if I was getting a laser treatment done in a doctor's office that I'd tip the doctor, but that's because I'm probably paying a premium for their expertise.

Then again, I'm in NYC, and it feels like I'm constantly tipping people.
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If it's in a spa, tip is 15-20% of full (not coupon) price. There may well be sign informing you of this.

If it's in a doctor's office I don't know but I guess no tip.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the input - as usual it seems to be a bit divided! I think I will probably take the same route as dede and ask at reception. I'll post back with an update!
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Response by poster: A very late update but here it is: I asked at the front desk and was told no, no tip necessary. However, I recently purchased a groupon for a different hair removal spa, and this one had the little tip envelopes front and center near the payment area. I tipped $30 each time and felt like a total cheapskate because according to their website each session costs $450! That would have meant a $90 tip (20%) for each appointment and I just couldn't swing it. I felt bad that I couldn't even give $45. It definitely made me think twice about purchasing groupons for this service. The groupon cost was only $299 for six sessions.
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