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Can you recommend a gourmet food delivery service in the UK?

My sister's birthday is coming up and I would like to get her and her husband some kind of food delivery gift. They have a new baby and don't feel comfortable dining out so I want to bring the restaurant to them. What I'm looking for is essentially meals on wheels but with more choice and some nicer packaging. I would consider a subscription service if it allowed them some choice over what they received and when, otherwise I'm looking for a company with gift vouchers. They are in the south lakes if location is a factor. I don't live locally so DIY options are not possible. Thanks!
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There is Deliverance?

Might not deliver to the area, but sounds like what you're after.
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That looks terrific but... in my head, there's a difference between a fast-food delivery service and what I'm after. As an example, I Googled the subject and found this but I'm looking for personal experiences and recommendations.
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Here are some positive reviews of Life, Fork & Spoon - looks tempting!
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It's a shame they aren't in London because housebites would probably be exactly what you're looking for.
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We stay in cottages in the Lake District quite often and Cumbrian Way Food now have brochures for in lots of them. Not tried them, though.

Nick's Kitchen in Ambleside is another one. Had a few from his little shop, all v. nice. Can deliver.
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I've heard great things about Cook
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There is Deliverance?

I tried Deliverance and it was...not good. Kind of like large portions of airline meals. Cook looks more like the sort of thing you're after.
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Thanks folks. I've eaten Cook food before and it was OK but nothing special. For the money and the hassle, londongeezer might be right that some supermarket vouchers would be just as good. I'm going to check out those local links, thanks dowcrag, and also think some more about Life, Fork and Spoon (thanks humph). In theory, that's exactly what I want -- restaurant-quality food delivered to order that can be prepared at home in your own time.
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