Remember This Sexy "Greatest American Hero" Scene?
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Looking for a particular "Greatest American Hero" episode. Connie Sellecca wearing little more than glasses and a shirt. Been hunting since I was twelve. Maybe technology has caught up with me?

When I was 12 I saw an episode of "Greatest American Hero" that had a brief scene of Connie Sellecca sitting on a bed. She was rocking the sexy librarian look. She had no pants on (maybe shorts?; was bare-legged anyway), and she was wearing glasses and a man's white button-down shirt. She had some books around her (law books?) and was reading, taking notes.

It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Not to sound prurient, but I would love to find this scene. I have Hulu Plus and can check out any episode. But I can't seem to pin down which this is. I've checked quite a few. I remember William Katt walked in the room and they were talking. Nothing hot and heavy, but her dressed like that was stunning to my preteen libido.

Got a clue?
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Maybe this will help narrow it down - at 1:35.
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Response by poster: Those are the glasses. And maybe she was wearing that shirt. But I remember it being a man's shirt. And she stayed on the bed, where she had been reading, as Ralph came in and talked then left again.

This is the look:
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No clue. You can get the whole series for under $10 plus $4 shipping used.
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GAH was a family show, and Ralph and Pam didn't marry until the third season. If you're looking for a scene depicting Selleca on a bed, pants-free, with Katt strolling in, I would think it's in that season (which was pretty short - maybe 13 episodes).
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Was it this scene?
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Best answer: It's Only Rock 'n Roll, starting at the 30:54 mark.
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Response by poster: We have a winner! Iris Gambol, you've made my day. Now if I can just lose enough weight to get into this red suit for Halloween. Then the wife goes as Connie Sellecca!
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