Today's special ingredient is: Chicken Stock!!!
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What should I do with this small amount of extremely tasty chicken stock?

Today I cut up a whole chicken for the first time ever without causing injury to my person or my knives. I'm otherwise a pretty good cook! I just for some reason am not so good on the butchering stuff end. I roasted the pieces for dinner and it was great, but I also took all the trimmings and made chicken stock.

Now I have a cup and a half of extremely chickeny super yummy homemade chicken stock sitting in my fridge. I'm proud of it! Normally when I need stock I use those little 1 cup boxes. I don't actually cook too many things that require stock, and what I do generally only uses it as a flavor enhancer, like adding it to rice pilaf or something. I'm having trouble thinking of what to make with my special so-proud-of-myself chicken stock. It's not enough to make soup out of, because I'd have to stretch it with extra boxed stuff and that would ruin the whole thing. If I made gravy out of it, what would I put the gravy on top of?

There's a layer of fat on top that I haven't skimmed - I have certainly contemplated using the schmaltz separately in something but the stock would remain unused and I'm happy to have a fatty special occasion dish.

Any ideas that would make the stock the star? I eat everything and am allergic to nothing and am willing to do silly things in the kitchen.
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Risotto was my first thought. Times I've had risotto - quite plain, simple ones - made with really excellent stock have stayed with me.
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We get fancy tomato soup in a box, and add some reduced homemade stock, basil, and pepper. Delicious, only takes a little bit of stock, but adding the stock makes a big difference.

You could also just reduce it, freeze it, and combine it with future stock made with vegetable scraps. I usually make a whole lot more stock from one chicken. Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything has lots of directions on how to make good stock.

If I made gravy out of it, what would I put the gravy on top of?

Mashed potatoes are a traditional accompaniment for gravy.
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delicious chicken stock flavoured quinoa?

quinoa is amazing for picking up flavours and also lending a bit of earthiness to them, then you can serve it as a super delicious healthy side or bed for something (a flaky white fish that won't overpower the chickeny goodness? tilapia?)

I use a 1:2 ratio for quinoa and liquids, bring it to a boil, boil for 2 minutes, turn down to simmer and cover for around 20 (you can stir quinoa to see if it's done, it doesn't wreck it.)

or, seems kind of like a reverse, but chicken pot pie made with chicken stock is super delicious! I've made a version of This Recipe before, but using frozen crusts, and it was really fantastic and chickeny.
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Make truly amazing split pea soup.
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Response by poster: Do you have a recipe for truly amazing split pea soup? Because all the recipes I have for it are either kinda mediocre or are made using a ham hock which would overpower the chickenyness.
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I freeze mine and when I have enough, I make chicken soup.
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I don't have a specific recipe, I just err on the side of simplicity with good ingredients. Pretty much just peas, stock, and some salt and pepper to taste. Maybe a bit more salt than I think is strictly necessary or healthy. Make sure the peas are super cooked down. That's about it.
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I've never made pea soup, but I've made plenty of broth.
You can probably add up to 2 cups of water without losing the brothy taste.
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Absolutely gravy, over mashed potatoes or rolls or leftover chicken or anything else. It's my favorite use for really good stock - my specialty every Thanksgiving. Simple butter roux (or make roux with the schmaltz!), whisk in the stock, possibly flavor with one smashed garlic clove and some herbs, salt to taste.
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Make pasta e fagioli, one of the best beans dishes ever. The stock is an important ingredient. here is a good recipe, albeit in Italian. This English version looks good as well. Do use pancetta (or some other good-quality bacon), which some recipes omit. I would start with dried beans - it takes a bit of time but is worth it.
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When I make a good stock I usually end up freezing it in an ice cube tray and then taking it out of the tray and put the frozen cubes in a ziplock bag. Then whenever something needs a little flavor boost you can just take out a cube and drop it into whatever you are cooking. If you feel like a cup of soup and have some leftover rice and veggies you can just throw them in a mug in the microwave with a cube and some extra water and boom the best "instant" chicken soup you'll ever have.

Also if you start to get really into making stocks because you use them so often once they are available start to buy frozen chicken wings. They are super cheap and you can roast them and nibble at them then put the bones into a slow cooker with some onions celery and carrots (dont forget spices and salt also) and simmer overnight strain and concentrate to just over half volume and you'll have the cheapest and best stock you can get.
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Oh geeze, we use chicken stock in just about everything...I think we have a about a gallon of it in the freezer right now.

Soups are a great zone to go to; Matzo Ball Soup is great, same with Chicken and Dumplings, which is in the same realm, but heavier and great for a cold day.

If you want something lighter, we routinely throw some Somen noodles in chicken stock seasoned with soy sauce and rice wine and load it up with whatever veggies are fresh, add an egg, and make a delicious bastardization of a noodle bowl. We do this more often than it is probably healthy to.
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Enchilada sauce
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Next time save all the bones from the carcass (It's OK if they were gnawed on, you're going to boil them) and make a BIG batch of broth and freeze it. Once you start using your own broth that canned stuff will be a thing of the past.
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