How can I list my favorite blogs by the times of their last updates?
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I'm trying to create a webpage that automatically lists all of my favorite blogs by the order in which they were last updated. What is the code that I should use?

Please see this page for an example of what I'm talking about.

I tried to look at the source code of that page, but as I'm such a novice at HTML, I couldn't really comprehend it.

If someone could tell me the right google keywords that I could use to find the code, or be kind enough to give me the code itself (or link to it), that would be totally awesome.
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It's called a "blog list" and here's how to do it on Blogger.
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Another alternative: I use Google Reader to do this. It doesn't create a prettily formatted page like your example, but it gathers all the blog posts from as many sites as you want and can display them in reverse-chronological order for you.

99% of weblogs have an RSS feed (even if the site doesn't obviously say so) and once you have a little practice, it's pretty trivial to add RSS feeds to Google Reader and it helps me keep up to date with my favorite sites.

A guide to getting started with Google Reader
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You want to search for "river of news" type RSS readers.
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