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Gift ideas for veterinary co-workers that have recently helped me with my cats?

I work in a wonderful veterinary hospital that provides me with free care for my own pets. In the last two weeks, not one, but two of my own cats have needed substantial medical services that are outside of my own specialty and several doctors have generously donated their time and skills to get them well again. There are two consulting doctors, an ultra-sonographer, and a surgeon all of whom I would like to give small gifts. As it is a smallish hospital, large gestures would be thought of as too much as we're all friendly and work together closely. So maybe 30ish dollars each? I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. Maybe a nice bottle of wine? Are there any with cats on the labels that aren't vile? Also I don't know good wines from Adam. Gift cards are weird because of the whole "We don't want your money for doing this" ethic. We always have plenty of snacks around the office, so edibles are less exciting than you would think. Pet themed is fun, but not mandatory.
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Dunna nunna nunna nunna nuna nuna nunna nunna CAT SOCKS! Free shipping, plus the folks at Sockdreams are just great.
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I was in a similar situation (Vet gave our cat dying of cancer extra extra care and concern), and went with cat earrings. If not gender appropriate, I think any good wine with a cat-themed card would be nice...
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I would definitely go with wine (if you know they drink) and ask the wine store people. They probably have a lot of animal themed things and a 'relaxing luxury item' would be a nice change, probably. Wine with cat themed card very good idea. On preview.
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My vote would go for NON-cat related items. I image as a vet you get enough animal related items (just like teachers get enough apple items). I say gift certificate for dinner or a movie.
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Speaking of booze with a cat on the label, you might consider Dubonnet. It's an aperitif that mixes well with champagne especially, though it is said that Queen Elizabeth II's signature cocktail is Dubonnet and gin.
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I'm a vet, and am sooooo tired of animal jewelry and other theme gifts!

What I would love in that situation is for you to take a look around the hospital and notice something that would make the entire staff's life easier. Even though it was the dvms who most obviously helped you, that time comes at a cost to everyone from the lvts to the front reception and back office. Its not clear if everyone works in the hospital, but if so do something for the whole.

I've seen situations where non-docs feel slighted because they did a lot for a coworker but were not as recognized. Do you have a tech in the lab who did frequent blood smears, they should be high fived, too.

Here is what I'd like in our hospital-
-Something for the kitchen/break room like a new coffee maker would be very nice.
-Stethoscope name tags
-Nice stationery
-New treat jars for the rooms/front desk
-Contribution to the fund used for clients who can't afford to treat
-Yummy treats, homemade or otherwise
-A gift basket full of new digital thermometers and dry erase markers (seriously where do these go? who takes home a thermometer that has been in the ass of a hundred cats and dogs?!)
-Some new toys for the 'kid corner' in the lobby

Mostly, just know that this is one of those things you do for your coworkers because you can. Give freely and take freely, but with appreciation.
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Nickle Pickle... absolutely! I didn't mention it, but I'm ordering a snack tray for the entire staff. Everyone has pitched in and given my kitties treats and pets and good vibes, and I am so absolutely grateful to everyone. There are just a few that I feel like I need to give a little extra to. The surgeon, for example, is doing a cystotomy tomorrow for free and blocked that time off for me, so I feel like I'd like to give her something special. And the cardiac ultrasonographer is a visiting specialist that won't be around when the snacks arrive. You don't have to worry about me appreciating everyone, believe me I do! There are just a few who have gone above and beyond and my mangy tabbies and I would simply like to show our appreciation.
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We always have plenty of snacks around the office, so edibles are less exciting than you would think.

If you weren't about to get a snack tray, I'd suggest home-baked treats. There's something fundamental and human about "I baked this for you" that "I bought this for you" doesn't convey.
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I don't know a lot about US wines, but I have noticed that there are a few wineries with Cat based names. Also there is a New Zealand wine called " Cats pee on a Gooseberry Bush" the name of which has always intrigued and scared me at the same time. They also describe the taste as having diesel overtones like it's a good thing so make of that what you will, so a bit of google fu might find you other interestingly named wines in the US.

I would be partial to getting them a donation to an animal charity in their names or the name of the whole vet hospital and writing a heartfelt message in a card for them to keep.
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