Where can I get screen printed posters made?
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I've got some designs I want printed. Small run, around 25 pieces. I've been trying to get something set up with Holy Mountain, Shout Out Loud, etc. but it's been quite difficult getting a response. Any other suggestions I should check out? Both companies I listed use French paper, which is what I'd like to use.
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25 pieces is pretty small and depending on how you want it printed, will cost the same as hundreds (most of the cost is set-up). These printers may feel that the job is too small for them (although they should still reply).
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There are usually minimum quantities when printing—usually 500, but sometimes as low as 100. That's still quite a bit more than 25. But yeah, it will cost you just as much to print your 25 as it would whatever their minimum is. You might want to look into that.
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If for whatever reason you were able to consider something other than screen printing you might look at having your posters run on a digital press or a wide format inkjet printer. Both are ideal ways to do small runs. I have access to an HP Indigo where I work, and most of the artsy stuff we run on uncoated paper turns out fantastic. Just a thought.
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you might try McLogan (out here in L.A.), tho i believe they mostly deal in silkscreen supplies...not sure if they actually print there. have you considered doing it yourself? the minimum for a printer is likely to be higher the more colors (i.e. screens) you have in your design. check youtube for tutorials...its not that difficult...
premade/emultion-ready screen...~$40-50
printing your design on acetate...~$10 (just lay it on the screen, expose to sun, wash)
(you can use more than one color on a screen to do a cool color fade...plop the two inks on either side and keep your squeegee oriented the same way...jus fyi)
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Best answer: local art school with kids off for the summer lookin for something to do?
or a small artsy press, like this one.
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Response by poster: I finally found a place. 25 prints is about all I can ever hope to sell, let alone 100's. Thanks for your input, though.
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