seeking marketing stats without being marketed to
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Recommend blogs and/or sites that talk about *effective* advertising/marketing/direct mail without trying to sell me something?

So this guy's gone and we're in marketing limbo after a decade of random campaigns, no branding, and near invisibility in our community. It may be a while before a new marketing pro comes on board, so in the meantime I need to learn things like "how best to package a letter and buckslip in a #10 envelope for maximum effect." Minutiae that matters, but that I can't find because no matter how I phrase the query, every google hit is a sales pitch.

This post has some good big-picture resources which I will dig into if I end up being more than the emergency-panic-go-to-in-a-crisis person, but where can I find the kinds of details I'm looking for?
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You're talking about an incredibly broad range of activities, and it's a firehose of information.

Since you have a small team and limited resource, my advice is to identify and prioritize a limited amount of activities - no more than three - to work on first.

I think for your sake you should try to focus on marketing activities that have measurable results, and this would be online marketing. With branding and lettermail campaigns, you can spend a lot of time and treasure and not show your bosses any kind of tangible result.

With online marketing, it's cheap, it's measurable, and you can constantly test to improve results. Online marketing also meshes very, very well with your core skillset as a copywriter.

MeMail me if you would like more ideas.

Anyway, a couple of great marketing websites with tons of information that is well organized into categories are:

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Design*sponge has an ongoing column called "Biz Ladies" that's directed at small businesses and focuses a lot on marketing activities, and focuses on the details and how to build and grow relationships through marketing strategy.
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