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I greatly enjoy running the Hash, but I don’t like the songs (pdf); they are just way too crude for my tastes. I have asked around and everyone assures me that all the hashes in my country—even those that are more “family friendly”—have the same songs. For those of you with hash experience, do you find this to be true worldwide? Any other suggestions on how to get my goofy running, singing, dancing, shouting fix without having to sit through the X-rated lyrics? (There was a similar question about this a few months ago specific to D.C., but I'm looking for more of a general perspective on hashing.)
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For those of you with hash experience, do you find this to be true worldwide?


Any other suggestions on how to get my goofy running, singing, dancing, shouting fix without having to sit through the X-rated lyrics?

Learn some different songs and sing those at your hash - alternately, get a group of like-minded people and start a hash that is more to your liking.

Changing the tenor of an already-extant hash kennel is very difficult.
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phearlez answer in the earlier question (also marked best answer) is in line with what I'd say, only better phrased.

Aren't hashers joked as drinkers with a running problem ?

That said, round here it's run, drink, "show us your tits" kinda stuff, so I don't bother with them.
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I can only say that I feel your pain. I don't run anymore (hip and back problem), but loved the run/walk/crawl/poison ivy aspects but grew tired of the culture, which is pretty much the same everywhere. It's a shame too, because it's a great place for a slow runner (which I always was) to be able to hang with better athletes.

If you have a "straight*" running club in the area, perhaps some of them might be interested in a similar thing? Hashing is essentially a variant of cross-country running, so you might start with those who are interested in that.

*by which I mean nothing about sexual orientation...
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It's very much a local thing; hashes are nearly as localized as Unitarian churches, and two even in the same area may have two very different styles (and while some songs will be shared, there may also be very different ones). There are sober hashes and family-friendly hashes; contacting this guy might help you find one near you.
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just read TMOTAT response - I should be more careful not to generalize, as I was part of only one. But while its culture got better or worse (slightly) depending on who was running it (I was involved for 2-3 years, and continued to see these guys at road races), crude songs and partial nudity never went away, nor have I seen any difference in other groups when members would bring their pics from other groups (back in those olden days before FB, etc.)

To be honest, social media is one good reason I'd NEVER go back. I was in it before FB and camera phones, and before my career made keeping a clean image in the community paramount.
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I lived in Malawi and our hash was much more family-friendly (in Lilongwe) so I can speak to some variation worldwide. There were songs but they were not as crude as those in the pdf you link to - most were more innuendo-filled and less explicit. Partial nudity was really only seen in men with shirts off during the hot, dry season. I think the international scene (especially in a country like Malawi where the ex-pat population is relatively small) tends toward more inclusion of whole families.
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My only experience is in Hawaii and at least a decade out of date but when I was running there were two groups here. One was your typical (as I understand it) hash, mid-20s and up with an emphasis on beer and debauchery. The other was more like a boy scout troop, families running together, ribbons for accomplishments and a lot more soda than beer at the end. I'd second the notion to start your own pg-13 hash.
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A buddy of mine in DC is a hasher, and writes, "They're all a bit bawdy, but they do vary." He suggests you try the Baltimore/Annapolis Harriers, who run Sundays at 3pm. Looks like their website is down, but they have an active Yahoo Group.
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Final update from the OP:
As luck may have it, I moved to a new country last summer and the local Hash is exactly what I was looking for: good running, good beer, mild sexual innuendo but nothing to make my mother blush. Thanks for the responses which led me to keep looking and not give up. On on!
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