Can non-residents buy property in Japan?
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Can non-residents buy property in Japan?

We are in a position where we can finally buy some property, and since we know we are not in a position to live in the same place for a period of time, we would like to buy places that have character, are in an area we like to visit and perhaps (in the very distant future) live. Inspired by this post and a general love of Japan I am really interested in buying a place there. Is it possible? How difficult would it be?
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Best answer: I don't have an answer, but you may want to sign up for GaijinPot which is more geared towards foreigners with an interest in Japan, maybe someone there can help?

There is a post about buying property here and here, you may want to check out the Forums as well.
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Here's a NYTimes article discussing buying property in Japan with some additional useful links.
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Best answer: Yes. Terrie Lloyd's Japan Inc also has some pointers, although some of the information may be dated. Here's a forum discussion (that may also be dated).

In fact, many foreigners, notably Aussies, buy property in Niseko as vacation homes. Here's a Q&A (pdf) of the process.
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You might want to contact Kevin Cameron at to get his opinion, although he's a permanent resident married to a Japanese woman.
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