Summer Synth Dance Party!
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Help me build my "Summer Synth Dance Party" playlist!

The song that inspired me to make this playlist is Bag Raiders' Sunlight, which is not exactly new, but is new to me. This song just feels like summer to me... it's got a catchy chorus, a danceable beat, and is just dripping with synths.

I'm looking for songs that have the upbeat tempo and retro synths of Chromeo's Fancy Footwork with the richness and fullness of M83's Midnight City, although I'm open to other dance songs that sound like summer.

Bonus points if it's on Spotify!

(And no, unfortunately I won't be throwing a dance party. But I will be home with the baby a lot this summer and want to have music to soothe her to :)
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Freezepop, "Summer Boy".
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La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
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Hot Chip has a brand new record. Their entire discography should work well for this pursuit.
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Comateens- Late Night City
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Prince - Uptown

Includes the best rhyme in music: "White, black, Puerto Rican / Everybody just a-freakin'."
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Jai Paul - Jasmine is my song of the spring, summer, and foreseeable future.
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Jump in the Pool by Friendly Fires, and The Birds were Singing with All Their Might by Love is All. Happy summer!
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Give It Up - KC and the Sunshine Band
Right On Track - Breakfast Club
Rock Lobster - B-52s
Starships - Nicki Minaj (my song of this summer!)
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Starfucker! All of "Reptillians" is great (if a little front-loaded).
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You might find some stuff you like in this Spotify playlist I've got going.
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Little Boots' debut album was very good, and her new single, "Headphones" is as infectious as ebola with none of the rotten flesh side effects.

As far as summer anthems go, "The Only Way" by Futurecop! (featuring Keenhouse) is synthetic pop perfection.

In a very retro mode, Topless's "Say You Love Me" sounds like the best freestyle record you wish you'd heard in 1989.

I've listened to The Sound Of Arrows' debut album at least once a week for the last six months. Here's "Wonders" and "Into The Clouds"

Similarly, I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from Penguin Prison's debut, of which "Don't Fuck With My Money" has gotten the most play.

Miami Nights 1984 sound exactly like you think they would.

German instrumental producer Alpha Boy has two EPs and an album you can listen to on Bandcamp before purchasing.

Lazerhawk makes records that wouldn't sound out of place on the dancefloors of nightclubs in Blade Runner.

A completely self-promotional aside: I have a site called Disco Potential that's dedicated to disco, nu-disco and synthpop and you might find more to like there.
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