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I am looking for a chart/infographic illustrating both the hierarchy, in the entire defense department (that is, throughout all wings of the military) of the different NCO/CO ranks as well as the warrant officer ranks. Has anyone seen anything like this? My Google-fu is weak.
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Response by poster: I should note I am asking specifically about the United States military.
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Best answer: Although this is aimed mostly at the Air Force, the charts list rank names, equivalence, pay grade and insignia for all services.
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Best answer: It is two charts, but this will show the hierarchy.
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Response by poster: thank you. how exactly do the warrant officer ranks align with these? or is that just another access point (vs. commission) to the same ranks?
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Response by poster: Oh wait, I didn't look far enough down - those are all on the charts you posted, those are on there too. Thank you!
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And note, that while *technically* 2nd lieutenant outranks a CW5 or a Sergeant Major (E-9), generally the senior NCO ranks have a lot of leadership and deference.
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Best answer: Not precisely an infographic, but Wikipedia has a lot of this information from an E-1 private to the highest ranking general, and you can dig deeper into the articles for more information on the ranks and how they are used in the different services. See this chart (click the "show" button to view) for a big listing comparing the different services. The pay grade chart presents the information in a similar format.
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The lowest warrant officer outranks the highest NCO. The lowest officer outranks the highest warrant officer or NCO. Note that like Kolath said, the upper ranks of the lower tiers can easily boss/push around someone that technically grossly outranks them, and that the higher-ranked warrant officers get the same kind of respect higher-ranked NCOs do. Warrant officers (in the Army at least) tend to get a LOT of respect, as they're generally technical experts in their field.
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