Best video viewer glasses for sleeping?
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What are the best video viewer wrap glasses for sleeping?

I cannot fall asleep without having something to watch. This is beyond fixing. However, the fact that I sleep on my one side in order to watch something is terrible for my back / neck. My chiropractor says that i should get some video viewing glasses so that I may lay on my back flat for sleeping. Something that can go into my computer would be best. I also like playing video games so that would be an added bonus.

The Sony HMZ T1 look amazing but they are 2 lbs on the head and kind of gigantic. The much less expensive option is the Vuzix Corp. Wrap 920 but it seems like there is mucho adjustments to do and I might crush them. Blocking out light around the sides seems like a no brainer to me which these do not provide.

I've gone to Fry's, Best Buy but nobody has these on hand to try. Very frustrating.
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Sleeping in glasses is very uncomfortable. Have you considered a cheap projector?
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Yeah... I would try sleeping wearing just some normal sunglasses or something, with maybe a roll of quarters duct taped to them, to see if you can actually sleep like that.

If not, acidic's idea for a projector is good, or for the same kind of money I bet you could get a flat panel television with a fancy articulated wall mount to put right above the head of your bed. Or buy several cheap used flat panel TVs and mount them on an arc over the head of your bed so you can lie however you want and still see.
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I came in to suggest that you use one of the new, tiny (e.g., 3x3x1 inches) projectors aimed so the image is on your ceiling. This comparison chart may be of interest to you.
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Or a mirror, angled so that you can see your TV while lying on your back. Easier to wall-mount than another monitor. Most computer video cards have settings so that you can flip the picture vertically and/or horizontally.
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What about a laptop on its side? I've done that.
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There are mirror angle glasses too.
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Seconding the laptop on its side, and adding that if you go this route you can often rotate the video you're watching so that you can leave the laptop sitting normally.
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Or an iPad or some other tablet on its side. I do this all the time.
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