What should we engrave on our wedding bands?
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What should we engrave on our wedding bands? There's a 10-character limit.

We've seen this thread already, but we can't use many of the answers in that thread due to the 10-character limit.

We are currently most inclined to using quotes or references to verses in the Bible, or poetry.

We are also vaguely inclined to having the same engraving on both rings, but we're not totally certain about it. One ring has a 10-character maximum; the other can manage about 15 characters.

Thank you!
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How about αγάπη, or agape, a reference to the oft-quoted I Cor 13:1-8. This is kind of a twofer in that not only do you get to reference "love is patient, love is kind," but also the more literal translation of agape as charity-love, the love of self-sacrifice and philanthropy.
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The date. Trust me on this.
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My husband and I had each other's names engraved so that we would always have the other close, and pressed against us.
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Seconding the date. My wife and I had our wedding date engraved on our rings, because it would always be a special day for us.
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"I love you"
"I know"

That what my husband and I have engraved. :)
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Friends of mine have names that start with K and E respectively. E's ring has K3 on the inside and K's ring has E> on the inside. Short and sweet (and nerdy).
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My parents had "Toujours bien" (my mother's) and " [alpha] to [omega]" (my father's, and it was the Greek letters, the ASCII for which I am too lazy to look up). My maternal grandparents had "Myles to Mary" and "Mary to Myles", but they were lucky to have short names. My paternal grandmother had "Forever" and I don't know if I ever saw the inside of my paternal grandfather's wedding ring. One set of great-grandparents had their initials and the date. A great-grand aunt had "To My Love."

Yes, I have a box of family wedding rings on my bureau.

Anyway, my ring is all diamonds so there's no room for engraving, and Mr. Sidhedevil doesn't have that as a tradition, so his ring had nothing engraved in it. (If he had wanted engraving, I would have had "Moo!" put in it, which we often say instead of "I love you," but that probably isn't helpful.)

I once saw a really lovely carved gold band at a second-hand jewelry shop that had "Stinky" engraved inside. It was new enough that it almost certainly had landed there post divorce. Something to think about...
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We referenced our wedding readings (Velveteen Rabbit and Little Prince) in very shorthand, plus the date.
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If you have a favorite phrase, you can use the first letters. My first wedding ring had "ILYESM" in it, for "I love you ever so much" (as spoken in the voice of a small, precious British child such as Jane or Michael Banks).

My current wedding ring is very narrow, although I've been told it could hold an inscription anyway. That's okay. My late mother-in-law's honking ginormous diamond does the talking.
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The symbol for infinity.
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Amemus. Latin for 'let us love', as in the Catullus line 'vivamus et amemus' - let us live and let us love.
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A phone number.
This would have been very handy when my wife lost her ring...
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rats. "put me back on" is 11 characters.
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Simply "beloved" would be lovely
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I have "Always" on mine, with the date as well. That would just barely make it on your 10 characters if you leave the year off.
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Initials and date.
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We got the date on ours and then due to issues with flights ended up getting married almost 3 weeks later. So you never know! Regardless of that, I was a little bit sorry we didn't go for something along the lines of "Summer 2012" or "Winter 2004" instead, I'm just not mad about having "06.08.11" or whatever there.
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My husband got the date, so he never has an excuse to forget our anniversary.
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The date, yes, but then I fear that if nothing is coming to mind to you both (since you're asking MeFi for suggestions), then whatever you pick won't be authentically meaningful to you. Therefore, I
suggest that you each have the other's ring engraved with something that has special meaning to you both, maybe from your private couple language... secretly. It's a little something extra for you both to discover on the big day and it will always be completely sweet and personal.
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You could go with "Sg 6:3" for the first words of that verse from Song of Solomon, "I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine." There's also Ruth 1:16 for, "And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God." If you like either of these, for goodness' sake, check with someone else before you do it because I am the last person who should be suggesting Bible quotes.
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We used a quote similar to Morrigan's: "This is my beloved, this is my friend". In Hebrew characters it's quite short, although I'm not sure whether it's under 10 chars.
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I've always thought it would be nice to have "You come too", from the Rilke poem.
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After much thought, we're probably going to go with the date. Unless we change our minds again. Thanks for all of your suggestions!
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