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We're making a tomato based fish stew in our slow cooker, and the recipe calls for canned clams. We've got fresh ones, in the shell. Just toss these bad boys in there, or...?

Recipe says to cook the base (tomatoes, wine, veggies) for 5-6 hrs and then about half an hour before it is done, throw in all the fish - tilapia, shrimp, crab legs...and canned clams. We've got fresh ones, still in the shell. Do we need to steam them first? Our fear is that 30 min wont be enough time for them to cook/open up.
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If you've got little necks or cherry stones you'll absolutely be fine. If its a bunch of quahogs I'd open them and chop them up first and still add them a half hour out. Worst case on the quahogs is cooked but pencil eraser-y
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Just checked - little necks. Good news! Thanks!
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wait, wait, post the recipe!!
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wash the clams in the sink, then put them in the stew, let them open up, when they open up, there done.
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Did you clean the clams? If so, yup, put them in near the end of cooking.
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What was I thinking, here's the recipe! Will report back on results. We added a few more veggies to sorta jazz it up a bit. So far, smells great.
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and WANDERING, thanks for that link. We're soaking now, but we usually would just dump the water out instead of removing the clams. That's a great point.
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Verdict: very good! Perhaps a bit on the spicy side, but we did add a big ass chile verde in there. About 3/4 of the clams opened, which I think is probably par for the course. Thanks all!
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