Is there a way to untag Facebook photos of myself in bulk?
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Is there a way to untag Facebook photos of myself in bulk?

I'm finally at an age where it's not appropriate for colleagues to see my drunken college photos any more, but I don't want to "restrict" them from seeing newer photos that are tagged by friends. I wish I could find a way to let my colleagues see some of my tagged photos without seeing them all, but that seems to be impossible. (Am I wrong?) So I've opted to go through an untag all of the photos I wouldn't be comfortable with new friends and colleagues seeing. Luckily, I'm in a casual profession, so it's just the really boozy ones that'll take the hike, but that's still a lot. Like over 500.

Unfortunately, Facebook makes this as difficult as possible-- the easiest way I can find still involves 5 clicks to untag one photo! I found an app called photobox(?) that seemed to be about right, but I don't have an iPhone and my android phone is slow and prone to tantrums. Can anyone point me to a website or Mac software that will help me with this? I have about 700 photos to untag..
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Would it be easier to put coworkers in a group or list, and restrict them from seeing photos you are tagged in?
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Why do work colleagues need to see your tagged photos at all? I would just do what COD suggested.
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