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I have several identical Bonds written entirely in ?Cyrillic/Russian and would much appreciate their headings translated for me. (No need for a full translation!) Here is a picture.

And if anyone knows how they may be safely sold, so much the better.

I have looked at NY auction houses and also eBay but not happy as they do not seem to cater for foreign documents. Any help welcomed!

I know the search word is 'Scripophily' but this has not helped.
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It looks to me as if a very similar document was queried on AskMe four years back. While that document is no longer online, my limited Russian suggests it is a good match (though I would be unsure of principal and payout exactly) for yours. Here:
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Yeah, it looks like a good match for the translation that pravit posted in the fourth comment in that thread.
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Here is a line by line translation:

5 1/2 % short-term war bond
Issued 1916
On the nominal sum of
2,000,000,000 rubles

one thousand rubles
to the bearer

So yes, like the above comments say, just like that previously translation.
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