A SciFi film with or about pipes or tubes?
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Name This Film: I'm trying to remember the name of a dystopian/SciFi film I saw years back in the 90s, could have been from the 80s. The premise must have been similar to City of Ember, with a kid or teen in an underground city. I remember pipes or tubes featuring prominently, and think they were in the title too.

I thought it was called 'city of tubes' or something similar, but I can not find any mention on IMDB or Google. Has anyone seen this film and can remember the name?
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Best answer: Was is Life on the Edge (aka Meet the Hollowheads)? My AskMeFi question (and answers) about a similar-sounding movie is here...
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The City of Lost Children, maybe?
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Response by poster: Hollowheads. Oh god, I'm not sure. This trailer looks so completely different from what I remember, but the german title also includes the tubes part ("Rohr frei..."), so I think this must be it.

It's definitely not City of Lost Children.
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This thread in the blue about Meet the Hollowheads should give you enough info to figure out whether this is your movie. Also, it's on Netflix streaming.
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A boy and his dog?
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