Windows Backup/Restore Doesn't See Earlier Image
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Windows Backup/Restore Doesn't See Earlier Image

I carefully used Win7 Backup to create a full image backup of everything on C:, which automatically updated itself every Friday. The image file is on a separate internal hard disk (L:).

So on Monday I had my big crash - so bad I couldn't even boot. I had to do a System Recovery that reinstalled the original configuration from the Recovery partition (D:). This wiped out all my programs and files. It's annoying but possible to reinstall the programs, but my life is in the data files.

When I tried to run Restore, Windows said it couldn't see any image file.

I tried to make a new backup (to L:), which never completed. Even though Window now knows the backup is on L:, it still can't see the one I need to restore.

I bought MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which (like Recuva) produced a raft of unreadable files.

Restore has an option to use a different file from the most recent one, but that looks only for a file on a network.

Short of sending the L: drive to a file recovery service (think EXPENSIVE), how can I get my files back?
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Is it a rights issue?

What was the cause of the big crash? If it was some kind of malware, there is no reason to believe it didn't wipe out the recovery files too.
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gjc -

I have no idea what caused the crash.

I recovered the setup as originally installed (from the D: partition), so I'm sure that wiped out any malware.

Windows Explorer can see the drive, the image folder and its files. It's just that Restore can't see the folder.

Does Backup perhaps have a hidden file listing what backups have been made, and if so can it be edited? If not, is there a third-party program that can recover the image?
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GJC's point is that if malware was what caused your crash, it may have wiped out your backup file at the time of the crash, so that it wasn't there any longer for you to recover from.
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Chocolate Pickle -

I still have the backup file. (It was on a different hard drive.) Windows Explorer sees it. My problem is that the Restore function doesn't see it.
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