Playing Cosmology of Kyoto (DOS) on a Modern Mac
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Help me play Cosmology of Kyoto (I have a DOS disk image of the CD) on my Mac using VirtualBox.

Way back in the days of DOS, Cosmology of Kyoto was one of the first and most exciting things to come out on CD Rom. It's an immersive exploration of 10th century Kyoto, Japan, filled with art and puzzles, and was raved over by Roger Ebert, and in the LA Times.

I've been wanting to play it since the mid 1980's. At first, I couldn't afford it (I think it was like $100). And, by the late 1990's, it was no longer playable on modern operating systems.

I bought a DOS version CD cheaply a few years ago, and still have its disk image on my hard drive. I have VirtualBox, but find it impenetrable to a newbie. Can you help?
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Have you tried Boxer instead?
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Yeah, definitely use Boxer. Virtualbox is meant for more modern operating systems.
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Thirding Boxer. Great app. Drag-n-drop simple. I was getting my SimCity 2000 on just yesterday via Boxer.
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Oh, man, yeah, SO much better! Thanks, you three!

BUT.....I get this:

"coskyoto.iso" is a Windows game or has a Windows installer, which Boxer cannot import. You could install the game on a windows pc or emulator instead. If it installs an MS-DOS game, you can then import the installed game files into Boxer".

I'm a lifelong Mac guy, not sure about any of this. Am I stuck again?
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BTW, Thorzdad, you see this?
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Did Boxer create a Gamebox for it? You'd find it in the username>DOSgames folder that Boxer creates.

There's this help page on the Boxer site, and it has this to say about installing .iso's:
"If you have an .iso, .cdr or .cue+.bin CD-ROM image instead of a physical CD, just copy the image itself into the gamebox. No renaming is necessary."

You can contact the creator directly from his contact page. I had an issue with my SimCity install and he was quick to reply and very helpful.
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BTW, Thorzdad, you see this?
Oh yeah, I saw it. I'm firmly in the "No single-player? No way." camp.
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No, that stuff only applies to pre version 1 versions of Boxer. This should import easily/transparently.

Assuming the error statement is correct and this is, to my surprise, a Windows version, what's my solution?
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You could set up a window instance in virtualbox - but that would require windows install media.

I'd have a try with Crossover. There is a time-limited free demo to try.
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It's possible to install Windows 3.1 within Boxer. An abandonware copy of Cosmology of Kyoto appears to run well in this configuration, just make sure to use 256 colors.
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Final update from the OP:
Here is an all-in-one solution. Just have Boxer running and follow instructions. It includes a link to an easily-launchable version of the game itself:
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