Pranks with my friend's car
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I'm taking care of my friend's car for two weeks while he's on vacation. What are some silly things I can do with his car as a joke that he can follow on Facebook?

My friend left the country for two weeks and put me in charge of his car. He'll be able to check Facebook, and I was trying to think of something lighthearted and silly I could do that he could follow online, akin to the traveling gnome prank from Amelie or such. Can anyone think of any creative ideas? Thank you!
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Get every couple you know to make out in the backseat and take a photo. Post a few of them a day, every day.
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Make a Facebook account for the car and have it "check in" at strange places?
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Find a similar car in a junkyard and take a close-up picture with you making an "oh shit!" face?
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Go to the wrecking yard, and find a wrecked car that is ideally the same color and type as his. Ham it up next to the car with a gesture of shock and dismay, and have someone take a zoomed-in picture cropping out the surroundings, so he thinks the car was in an accident.

Then post another picture, with you making the exact same gesture, but the car on the road, you standing at the front of it, with someone lying on the road covered in ketchup as if you just ran into the guy.

Take another photo of the car, and this type photoshop it to another color. Stand in front of the car holding up a can of spray paint, and a mischevious look on your face.

Have a friend - wearing a hoodie and sunglasses - drive the car off, and have a photo of yourself chasing the car with outstretched arms, as if it's stolen.
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more: have a friend stand with you in front of the car. Friend is holding a wad of cash or a chequebook and you are holding the pink slip. Gesture as if you're haggling over the price of the car. Bonus points to create a fake craigslist posting that you post a screencap of (but not a real craiglist listing).
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Are you allowed to move the car, or do the pranks have to involve the car staying the same spot?
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An easy idea would be to Photoshop images of the car being driven in increasingly unlikely places: on a racetrack, across a football field during a game, atop the Great Wall of China, at the bottom of the ocean, on the surface of Mars, and so forth.
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TruckNutz? Eyelashes on the headlights?
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Both oh god both at the same time.
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A teacher at my sons school has a rock em, sock em robot permanently affixed to her hood. That just cracks me up every time I see it.... Subtle but funny.
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Conan O'Brien just aired episodes from Chicago, in which he jumped various weird things (a giant bratwurst, a Wisconsin tourist, etc.) over an upright drawbridge. If you have some Photoshop skills, you could make you friend's car do that. This is my favorite view. It also reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard opening credits.
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Addendum: I have the keys, so I can drive it anywhere as needed. Photoshop ideas awesome, but my skills in that realm are quite sorry indeed. Loving these ideas so far!
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Bad photoshop skills don't necessarily ruin the joke. They could in fact add to it, but then it could just be me that finds really bad photoshopping funny.
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Fill it with packing peanuts. To the brim.
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No fake accident pics, unless you want to risk his being pissed and upset when he's only trying to relax and have fun.
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Get every couple you know to make out in the backseat and take a photo. Post a few of them a day, every day.

I love this. The first photo in the album should be a picture of the car with a cardboard sign propped up in the window that says "SHAGGIN' WAGON, 25ยข"

And the last photo should be you standing next to the car fanning a stack of bills.
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A series of hat + moustache costumes modeled by the car.
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I'd shop Bill Murray into it with a groundhog in his lap, driving angry.

Even without Photoshop skills you can get creative angles in photos, like parking behind a tow truck and posing upset. Or park it (briefly) on some railroad tracks while you appear to have a picnic or take a nap nearby. Or park it (briefly) in a handicapped spot and appear to be flipping someone out of the frame off. Or in front of a police cruiser, appearing handcuffed, drunk and angry. Put a 40oz on the trunk next to you. A lot of people may be willing to play along too. Maybe the tow truck driver or a cop. The train engineer not so much.
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Recreate iconic movie scenes with the car as one of the main characters. I can't decide if it would be funnier to attempt costuming the car or just leaving it as it is.

(the first one that came to mind was Fredo Corleone in the boat but how the fuck would you even do that idek)
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Take a picture of you and the same make and model of car, but a different color. Explain that you had to repaint after"it" happened.
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I'm going to combine a couple of the ideas above: photoshop it into famous movie scenes that have cars prominently featured. Thelma and Louise doing the cliff dive, the end of Harold and Maude, the Italian Job, Blues Brothers with the million cops behind them, any of the car scenes in Ferris Bueller, chase scenes from any of the Bourne movies. Oh, and Batman. Make sure you have one of Batman driving it.
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This would have to be a video. It's silly, but I did this once when I was picking a friend up in her car and we both cracked up: pull up the windshield wipers at the hinge so they are sticking up in the air, and place mittens/gloves on the ends of the wipers. Get inside and turn on the wipers. The car will appear to be waving with both "hands."
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If you're doing photos, do a series where you sell the car to some kid. The last pic should be of you holding a big wad of cash, waving goodbye as the kid drives away.
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I don't know what Thorzdad meant by "kid" but that would be hilarious with, like, an eight-year-old.
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I put my boss's new car on eBay - with a high enough reserve to be safe for a while.
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I agree that bad photoshop is even funnier than good photoshop. I've always been a big fan of terrible MS paint drawings.
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Years ago, someone pranked a friend for months, slowly covering his car with Michael Jackson stickers from gumball machines. I'm sure Steve still thinks it was me, as I coudl not control my laughter every time he complained. Whoever it was was brilliant.

Maybe slowly cover the car with removable stickers, posting daily "Dang kids! Wait'll I catch'em" messages on Facebook.
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What if the car itself fell in love? Get a photo of the car outside a Porsche dealership making goo-goo eyes at a really sexy looking car.
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To build on CathyG's love angle: maybe you can talk a used-car dealer into helping out.....
first shot: the goo-goo eyes at the sexy little convertible of it's dreams.
second shot: the two cars fender-to-fender, with a bouquet of flowers.
next: the two 'parent' cars, plus something small for a 'child' car, like a Miata or VW Bug, a Smartcar or Mimi Cooper.
finally: your friend's car, a minivan for the 'mom' car (she got fat!) and two or three 'kid' cars....
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I asked a similar question a few years ago. The responses might be helpful.
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