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I'm packing for a move from a dry climate ~7,000 feet above sea level to a wet one ~300 feet above sea level. What precautions should I take to ensure all my stuff survives the trip? Anything else I should be mindful of for adjusting to the new environment?
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Your musical instruments, guitar and piano, will need to be carefully acclimated. This is usually done ahead of time using a humidifier system.
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My wife has a new ukelele. We're both novices with that stuff; what do we need to know? It's not an expensive instrument to justify purchasing special equipment. What could happen to it in transit?
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We just did this from dry 5000' to damp 500'. I think it was easier on our stuff (particularly our wood furniture) going dry to wet than it was going wet to dry, so we didn't do anything in particular with our stuff.

Bike tires will need to have air added when you arrive to adjust for air pressure changes--maybe car tires and inflated sports equipment, too. That's about all I noticed, anyway.
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We put food in the fridge to help it last longer and prevent mold, which I'd keep on the kitchen counter in a dryer climate.
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You may have to adjust your personal grooming routine. I have been living in New Orleans for the past 11 years after growing up in California, and even though I have dry skin I had to lighten up my moisturizer and also wear powder for the first time ever! I also douse myself with baby powder after every shower. And I carry cortisone cream with me at all times during the summer because I get mosquito bites so frequently.

Oh yeah and all your food will go bad really quickly. It's almost not even worth it to buy bakery bread.
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For your uke you can purchase a simple humidifier that goes in the sound hole. It's perhaps 12 bucks at a music shop.
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Be careful of any leather items, they get moldy. I collect desiccant packets and slip them into a small box that I keep my keepsake photos in. I left my photo albums and such with family who live in drier places. I keep all uncanned foods in the fridge. I live in the jungle, so your humidity might be lesser, but I was sorely surprised by mold growing on my nylon backpack, my favorite boots, & c.
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Thanks everyone for all the help. We got a little humidifier for the uke. Sounds like the rest of our stuff is good to go, which is a relief. :-)
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