2 job offers and applications still open for an extremely rare opportunity--what to do?
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I have received 2 job offers and the deadline is still open for a third, only very distantly related job, but it's so rare I don't know if I'll get the chance again. One of the jobs wants to know by Mon. What to do?

Job A (job offered by the employers)--hospital pharmacist job for 6 months. They want to know by Mon.
1) I know exactly what areas I may be working in, and I'm quite excited by the prospect (but that might've been because I was desperate and talking myself into it).
2) I have friends from another contract 1.5 hrs away, and I ultimately want to settle in the state capital 3hrs away (but that's about 5-10 years off) so it's very convenient for networking.
3) Don't have to worry about job hunting for 6 months.
1) Been to the area before, but it was just once on a day trip...
2) 6 months is a very long time if you don't like it
3) The whole job application process was a negative. The HR manager (who was listed as the contact on the ad) failed to respond to my calls, so in the end I called the actual bosses whom I'll be working for.
4) Further to 3), they later called me and were expecting to interview me there and then over the phone! Luckily I was able to stall that because I was literally leaving for work in 10 mins. They interviewed me 3hrs later on my lunch break.

Job B (agency job)--hospital pharmacist job for 3 months. Called me 2hrs after job A.
1) part of Oz I've never been to before, and perfect time of the year (just north of Sunshine Coast)
2) It's a safe amount of time to commit to. If I don't like it, at least I know I'll be bailing in 3 months.
1) I don't know anything about what the role entails, as the agency handled it all. They can only let me know the answer on Mon.
2) I'll have to hunt for another job in 3 months.

Job C--military pharmacist position.
1) It's the perfect introduction I can think of to that setting. I'll be on the base dispensing scripts so it's not anything hardcore like being deployed.
2) It's such a rare opportunity I don't know if I'll get it again (or anything similar). And rare = wonders for resume. The other 2 jobs appear to be standard hospital positions, and they're the type of work I'll do for the rest of my life anyway (hopefully). So what I'm trying to say is the learning curve is the steepest here, and I'm at the stage in my life when I've just recently qualified, and keen to learn a lot, and have no roots to limit where I go to chase such opportunities. I don't know if I'll have that flexibility later in life.
1) Ultimately I want to stay in hospital pharmacy, but it is an area I want to get experience in (I'm that serious it's on the list of things I want to do before settling into a permanent hospital pharmacist job).
2) Deadline's Tuesday, and they're looking to interview and offer the job by the end of next week.

What do I do?

1) Accept job A
2) try and hang out for more details of job B (and is there a graceful way to ask job A for more time)
3) hang out even more for job C?

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Call or email to Job A tomorrow/Friday: "I am sincerely excited by the opportunity and everything I've learned about the team at Company A. I can absolutely see myself thriving there and, I think, making very valuable contributions as a part of your great team. You had requested a response to your offer letter by Monday, but I'm afraid that won't be possible on my end. I hope this doesn't cause undue inconvenience, but will it be acceptable if I respond by next Monday, the 25th? I'd be very grateful if that is an accommodation you can make."
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Unless you are worried about burning bridges, accept job A and resign (or withdraw your acceptance) once you hear about job B or C. I know this sounds harsh and I am not sure about employment laws in your country, your employers will have no qualms firing you if they need to. Therefore there is no need to feel any sense of loyalty for a 6 month contract.
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What's your second job offer? I only see one here unless I am reading wrong.
Not sure I'd wait for job C if you don't even know whether you'll be getting an interview.
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Unless you are worried about burning bridges, accept job A and resign (or withdraw your acceptance) once you hear about job B or C.

Ditto'ing this. I understand you might not feel right with it, but until you've signed a contract, it goes both ways: you can withdraw your acceptance, they can withdraw their offer. Neither party is obliged to the other.

Look at it this way: if you accept A "by Monday" and B makes you an offer "on Monday", you will have scarcely inconvenienced A.
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I was in this predicament and I accepted Job A. The offer from job B came about 4 days before I was to start working for Job A. I, turned down Job B. I regret that to this day.

Accept Job A, and if an offer is made by Job B, take it. If you have to quit, oh well, it was temporary anyway. You can always say, "I'm so sorry, but this is an awesome, permanant position and I just can't pass it up."

You have to look out for yourself first. I wish someone had pounded that into my head, it would have saved me a two year nightmare.
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I'd go with A for now. You know nothing about Job B and you haven't even interviewed for Job C. I think A and C sound like the best opportunities going forward but you don't actually have C yet... unless you are doing okay for money and all of that, why wait?
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