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Is it legal to own this guy in California? And how the heck can I find one?

Consider this mostly a thought experiment for the time being, but I'd still like to know the realities of the situation.

I've recently become enamored of land crabs such as cardisoma carnifex, cardisoma armatum, cardisoma guanhumi, etc. I've begun informally researching the question of owning a (smaller-sized) one as a pet, but I can't get a fix on how legal this might be in California. They don't appear to be on the restricted exotic species list, but at the same time, I can't find any online vendors selling crabs larger than your average tiny fish-tank variety.

Can anyone with practical knowledge and/or superior Google skills get a fix on this for me?
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Not sure if it helps, but here's a US located Hermit Crab. It's officially the crab's account, but I'm sure the owner would reply if you had crab related questions. She has quite a few, though I don't know what state she's in and if it covers the types of crabs you're looking for.
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CA bans the importation and possession of all animals except for those specifically exempted from the ban. So what you're looking for is the exempt list for invertebrates. You can probably get it from a reputable specialist pet store or by calling either Fish and Game or CA Dept of Food and Agriculture. I wouldn't even bother with the state website, it's awful.

My guess is that it's banned, unless it's on an import list as live seafood or something.
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I'm not sure where in California you're located, but if you've got a good local fish store, I'd check there first. You can try giving Prehistoric Pets a call if you're in southern California; if they can't help you, they can probably direct you to someone who can.
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For the benefit of future Askers (I can't even imagine...), here's a place that sells C. guanhumi.

I have not yet managed to ascertain the legality situation, but I'll post again if I do.
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