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Nitpicky question: I'm not real happy with the name of the iTunes section "Audiobooks" - I'm usually using it to stash stand up albums or other stuff that isn't music. I'd like to rename it, something like "Performances." Is there a way I can tweak my (English) language files to make this happen?

Relevant tech details: OS X Lion, early 2011 Macbook Pro. No need to do it across any platforms other than the one machine.
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Best answer: Here's how I did this but things might be different on your system. This solution isn't warrantied!

1. Go to the Finder and enter the Applications folder.

2. Right click the iTunes application and select "Show Package Contents"

3. Navigate the folder structure as follows Contents --> Resources --> English.lproj

4. Change the permissions on the file "Localizable.strings" to allow you to edit.

a) Right click the file and choose "Get Info"
b) Click the lock at the bottom right of the "Get Info" window. Enter your password.
c) Change the "everyone" privilege to "Read & Write"

5. Go back to the finder window right click "Localizable.strings" and open with your favorite text editor (TextMate works great for this, TextEdit might not because of Lion's protections surrounding editing locked files).

6. Change the line "502.040" = "Audiobooks"; to "502.040" = "Performances";

7. Save the file and restart iTunes.

That should do it.
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Response by poster: jeffch, you're the best.

A nota bene: at least in my version of iTunes, the label "Books" is used for both audiobooks and, I think, text books purchased on the iTunes store. I buy none of the latter, so I felt free to tweak both names (I did a little find and replace to take care of all the labels). Your milage may vary.

Now, for extra credit: anybody know how I can change the subdirectory name within the iTunes library folder?
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