What software should I use to turn pictures into movie clips?
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What software should I use to turn pictures into movie clips? I have a GoPro camera set to take pictures at a set interval and would like recommendations on free/cheap software to use to make them into a time lapse video using a Windows netbook.

I'm a novice at this and am having a hard time differentiating between the programs I'm seeing online, so if you've done something like this, I'd appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!
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Have you checked if GoPro's software (available on their website) does this?
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Use ImageMagick, then it is as simple as:

convert -delay 100 *.png my_movie.mpeg

Where the delay value is ticks, with 100 ticks per second. In the example above, each PNG frame is shown once per second.
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Windows movie maker can do this as well.
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I often use VirtualDub for creating timelapses from still images.
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quicktime pro also does it, but it's not free
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Another (free) piece of software that can do this is MPEG Streamclip.
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