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Where can I find a free download for a G2M4 codec that doesn't include nasty viruses that will torture my computer?

I'm trying to watch something on Windows Media Player that says I need a G2m4 codec. I can't seem to find a free and reliable place to download this mysterious thing. Suggestions? Thanks!
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I think that is the Go to My PC codec. If you install VLC Player, it will play fine.
posted by udon at 5:53 PM on June 14, 2012

Generally anything should play with the VLC player or the K-Lite codec pack for windows media player. If I find something that doesn't work with one of those then I decide it must be either fake or just not worth it.
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And with the K-Lite codec pack, it's notoriously difficult to find one that hasn't been adulterated with malware as well. VLC is the only thing you should need.
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http://download.cnet.com/K-Lite-Mega-Codec-Pack/3000-13632_4-10794603.html I would expect CNET to have malware free downloads.
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