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Cool wedding anniversary gift - Cotton Anniversary

My wife and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary next month, and since that is the cotton anniversary, I was wondering if people could help me come up with something cool (other than a T-shirt) to get her in its honor.

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New super fancy sheets? Seriously that would make my day.
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Beautiful, high quality 100% cotton bed linen. A well rated set on overstock.com should do the job for under $150.
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I have a fantastic set of summery, embroidered cotton curtains from my grandmother. Would something like that find a place in your home?
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An awesome, summery sun dress.
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I went with Restoration Hardware towels - we love them! Other high quality towels or linens that you may not usually purchase are great! And cotton!
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Yes, the most baller sheets or towels you can find. OR a long, floor-length white terry cloth robe. *swoon*
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If the two of you are the type of couple that has nice dinners, like for holidays or just because, maybe a really nice embroidered tablecloth? They end up being heirloom items.
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A cotton picnic blanket, presented in full-on functional form, on the grass somewhere beautiful, with dinner laid out and ready to enjoy!
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Hademade/letterpress cotton stationery. Something like this? Maybe take the top sheet and write a letter to your wife detailing how wonderful the past two years with her has been.
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*handmade, that is.
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I love the idea of luxurious cotton sheets. You can enjoy them together!

My husband got me a box of q-tips for ours. (We are saving up for a house, so we agreed no fancy gifts.) It was super cute. And I use them!
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In addition, a bouquet made of unprocessed cotton. I LOVE unprocessed cotton.
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Don't be afraid to acquire a handmade quilt. Not only are they nice to snuggle up in, but they are also make for a great teller of stories.
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Start a handmade quilt!

Make a square for each year you're married or big event (kids, moving, etc) that occurs, and it will be the ultimate history of your relationship together.
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One of my friends cross-stitched one of our wedding photos for our cotton anniversary (there's a website that converts photos into cross-stitch patterns). It was truly amazing. I later did an oil painting of one of her wedding photos for her cotton anniversary (I know canvas isn't quite cotton, but it was the best I could do!). Would either of those work for you? Maybe something a bit simpler if you did go for the cross-stitch thing - my friend's an expert and it still took her six months...

Alternatively, you could think laterally - my parents got us a beautiful cotton lavender plant (and it's still alive three years later!).
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We got two sets of truly awesome sheets for our second anniversary. We just celebrated our ninth anniversary recently, and one of the sets finally wore through and needed to be trashed. We did in fact get them on Overstock, and they were one of the best gifts we could have given ourselves -- that kind of luxury, in our marital bed, the place where we laughed and we cried and we were scared and we conceived our children and cuddled them as babies and tickled them as they grew up and did the crossword on Sunday morning and did all the other things that happy married couples do. Every one of those things, every one of those days, on beautiful wonderful sheets.

Get the sheets, is what I'm saying.
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