If I had GTD software I could probably get this research done myself!
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I'm reading Getting Things Done, and I'm ready to join the cult of productivity! What is the best GTD-minded to-do list software or site, for a PC/Android user?
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I'm ready to join the cult of productivity!

Get a Mac.

I'm half-kidding. On Windows, the best todo app (really more of a note app) that I've found is RosephNotes. I use it on my desktop Windows machine at home and at work, and it syncs over the SimpleNote service.
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I'm using bitnami's tracks service its a bit for the technical and upgrading can be a pain but its the best tool I've seen.
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Producteev. Free. Web interface, PC, Android and iPhone apps. Tasks support subtasks in the free version (Toodledo makes you pay for that, I think). Can have multiple workspaces and invite others to collaborate with you. Your wife can make a task and assign it to you and vice versa, for example, which is how I use it. Giant button in the phone app makes it super straightforward to add a new task at the drop of a hat. Supports tags/labels, repeating events, 6 priority levels. Astrid on Android syncs to it. Strangely, although this doesn't affect you, the iPhone Astrid doesn't. (shrug)

I also have used Tracks in the past and quite like it. It doesn't have any sort of reminder system, but it's good for just dropping a mess of tasks into very quickly for you and maybe others to tackle. Last time we used it was planning for our kid's birthday party - buy this, set up that, send out invites, arrange cake, clean house etc. Set down about thirty tasks and then we both tackled them and checked them off quickly. Don't worry about running your own copy - just use one of the free hosted versions, like Tracks.Tra.In.
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You're going to need a GTD app to go through all of the GTD apps that people are going to recommend here!

I recommend Wunderlist, by the by.
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The best PC/Android software that does GTD is MyLifeOrganized if you want power an sub-tasks. It uses a cloud sync to keep things together.

Also, remember being in the cult of productivity does not have much to do with being productive. That's not to say the two can't happen at the same time.
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I like ToodleDo, But I'm not a purist
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The best app I've found is the one that doesn't tempt me to fiddle with it all day. At first that was MS Word, in outline view. Top level headings for Next Actions, Projects, etc.

Since discovering the improved categories feature of Outlook, now I just use the task list and have categories for my contexts and my view grouped by category. It's also handy that I can turn an email into a task with one click.
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I've used Remember The Milk for years now. I've never read Getting Things Done but I've been on the message boards a bit and it seems like people use the Getting Things Done system (or whatever it's called) using it.

It's flexible, attractive, has good support, and a nice android app. It's not perfect though. You'll probably have to wade through all of the suggestions you're bound to get and find one that matches your desired system the best.
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I started using Toodledo when I had an iPhone, because they didn't charge a fee for using the basic mobile features, unlike RTM. I prefer RTM's Web interface, but now Toodledo's is better. For Android, I use Ultimate To-Do list and sync my Toodledo account. Works seamlessly.
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Seconding MyLifeOrganized.

I've tried most of the programs out there and MyLifeOrganized is the only one I've been able to stick with because it makes entering tasks very quick and easy. The rapid task entry feature can be pulled up with a hotkey and it will parse a "natural language" line of text for due date, context, reminder time, etc. It's got a lot of other features that I"ve barely even looked at, but it's clearly very customizable and designed with GTD in mind.

It syncs nicely with an android app/widget. Definitely recommend trying it.
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Seconding Remember The Milk - in combination with this RTM/GTD guide.
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Oh and for android I especially love RTM as you can have a specific list as a widget.
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Throwing in a vote for Nirvana. Sleek interface, fast. No Android app yet, but they're working on it.
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I love Workflowy. It's simple, easy to use, and you can use it for everything in a messy kind of way without screwing up those places where you need to be more organized. It's all web, so totally cross-platform. But connection dependent.
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