Cool rimless glasses?
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Help me find a new style of eyeglasses. Specifically rimless glasses.

I currently have thick-framed glasses like this (no, that's not me), and I'm thinking of switching to rimless glasses. The upside is they are clear and people can more fully see your face. The downside is rimless glasses--for some reason--make you look older. As in, it seems they are worn predominately by older people. I suppose that depends on the shape, but that's kind of my question.

What's a good balance between the two? What eyeglass style do you like? What are some non-senior citizen-looking rimless glasses?
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I'm not a fan of rimless. Have you considered clear plastic glasses? They're much younger looking.

Link is to a general example, not a specific suggestion.
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I don't think they make people look older. Weren't they a big part of Sarah Palin's sexy young politician look? (Not a fan of SP's, just saying...) Aside from her, I actually think they make people look like architects or other hip creative types. Go to a fancy eyeglass place and try on a bunch of things they pick out for you. Even if you aren't rich and don't buy something there, you'll get a bunch of great ideas.
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It depends on your face. A round face with round glasses might look like one of those cartoon drawing lessons that start with basic shapes. People with small delicate features would be overwhelmed by big thick black rims. People with rimless glasses might simply be trying to de-emphasize the look, or want more of their face to show. Women especially might not want to wear 'gold' rims with silver jewelry and vice-versa.
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IMO, they look older because they're just a bit dated at this point. I associate them with 90s dot-com CEOs; Sarah Palin buried them fully. Of course, trends are cyclical, so people will be saying the same thing about chunky roundish frames in ten years.

It all depends on your face shape and overall style. Try different shapes of plastic frames, like rounder ones than what you posted. Warby Parker, even if you don't plan to buy from them, is a great way to try on a bunch of plastic frame styles (including clear, FWIW) with no obligation. (I have a pair, but you get what you pay for; I wouldn't want to wear them as my primary vision-correctors.)
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Do you think Silhouette's are old man glasses? I was on the fence, but I wanted the same thing as you--an alternative to my thick plastic frames. I think this hingeless model looks the least geriatric.

Silhouettes are expensive though. I bought knock offs from Zenni, which are available with a variety of lense shapes.

I am happy with them. They are VERY light and comfy. And there is so little to the frames that it's hard to imagine they are even that noticeable. But I still do feel a bit insecure wearing them, because of the the old man thing.
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My husband had a pair of half-rimless wire frame glasses in a rectangular shape and I don't think they made him look older. Something like this.
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FWIW, I have a strong prescription (legally blind sans correction) and was pretty disappointed with how thick the lenses are in my Silhouette glasses. If you have a stronger 'scrip, you might avoid this disappointment...
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Here's an example of what I mean: look at this pic of Donny Rumsfeld. This seems to be the go-to style of eyeglasses for folks over 65 or so. I'm just about to hit 40, so I'm no longer young but not quite over the hill, yet. Glasses like this would add about ten years to my appearance, but maybe it's the more rounded style. Maybe there's other styles of rimless glasses that are a bit hipper. Speaking of politicians and Sarah Palin, the woman does have pretty good taste in glasses, I'm thinking of that kind of thing, but hers are a bit too hip and loud for me. I want to de-emphasize the fact that I'm wearing glasses, but don't want to add years to my appearance.
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Silhouettes also have lots of color options for the temple and bridge pieces. Also the shape of the lenses can really make them look more hip. I have a pair of Silhouettes that have a sort of lime green temple and almost cat eye shaped lenses.
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Example 1.

Especially that last one. There are lots of cheap eyeglasses out there now, but for rimless ones I highly recommend masunaga 1905 in Gaienmae. I just bought another pair from them last month, and over the years I've bought several different styles from them. They have a wide selection of frames, plus you can select the perfect lens shape that will give you the look you want. I like the way the people there are refreshingly honest about what looks good on you or doesn't. I went in looking for a particular style but ended up getting something slightly different from what I had in mind, but it worked out great. Be prepared to splurge, though...
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Rimless glasses look good on my face. The rectangular ones were trendy and now seem to be fading, but imo rimless ovals with a thin stainless bridge and arms are minimalist and elegant.

Be aware that they are delicate, and if you're nearsighted enough (like me) surprisingly hard to find once set down on a flat surface.
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I have half-rimless glasses (something like this, but not these exactly) and find them, quite literally, the perfect balance of what you're talking about. Looks hip, looks clear.
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By the way, I just wanted to add that at the store I linked to, they're really nice about maintenance so you can always drop by to get them cleaned and have small parts like the nose pads changed and readjusted free of charge. Also, if you get colored frames and they get chipped during use, they can restore that for a fee. You can also bring in your old frames (even if you got them someplace else) and get them made into sunglasses (prescription or just plain shades). The great thing about rimless glasses is that you can select a lens that's a different shape if you choose to do this. So that's another option if you ever get tired of the ones you get. In other words, even though their glasses are expensive, you'll get years and years of wear out of them in one way or another.

No, I don't work for them! I just like them a lot, and I find it's nice to have a trusted go-to place for eyeglasses if you wear them all the time. Cheap glasses are all right, but with glasses I really think you get what you pay for, and at our age (I'm a few years older than you but still) I think it's good to have at least one Good Pair if you can afford one. Sorry to ramble, but boy I love choosing glasses. Happy shopping!
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Though I'm a lady, I have some rimless glasses made by Swiss Flex, and I love them. They are indestructible and so much lighter than my old plastic framed glasses. My old glasses kept bending out of shape, but these need virtually no adjustments once I brought them home - I can fall asleep with them on, drop them, etc. no problem. You can mix and match the lens shape, color, nose piece, wing pieces, etc., though I ended up with something similar to the model I tried on in the optical shop just because I liked it so much. With these glasses you won't look old, just European!
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I've had a a pair of the Silhouettes (which you can see in my profile pic) and I'm currently wearing a pair with the purple earpieces here and lenses in this shape. I'm 44 and I don't think they age me at all, but part of that is the fact that I deliberately go for things like purple funky earpieces. Also in my case, purple hair helps. YMMV.
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I'm a couple of years younger than you, and I wear Silhouettes with a thin pink frame and a slight catseye shape to the lens. (I believe it's this model, though the picture doesn't show the lens shape well.) I think they look suitable for my age, and I have several friends who own similar Silhouettes with more traditionally-coloured frames that also suit them.

I suspect the most important thing is the lens shape. As long as you don't go for something too round or too square, they shouldn't be too ageing.

Two things against Silhouettes, though: they're pricey, and they can be surprisingly delicate. The frames are titanium and hingeless and they seem impossible to break, but you can unbalance the way they sit on your face by leaning against them too hard. (Lying against a pillow reading in bed, for example.) I spent a lot of time with my first pair getting them readjusted, though the good news is that any optometrist will do that for you for free. I've learnt to be more careful with my second pair.
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I'm not a fan of completely rimless glasses, but I definitely dislike the bulky plastic frames all the cool kids wear these days. I recently opted for these semi-rimless Flexon frames. The frame is pretty thin metal which doesn't stand-out, but still provides a good deal of sturdiness. This particular Flexon model is pricier than similar models in the line, due to the metal parts being thinner than usual.

My prescription is crazy-strong (like, Mt. Palomar strong) and it doesn't look bad at all in these frames.
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For reference, mine are Calvin Klein and although I don't remember the price, they were affordable as glasses go.
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