Fruity booze! Tell me cocktail recipes
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Got any good cocktail recipes with fresh fruit?
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You could try my mimosa recipe. Yes, that's a self-link, but I know at least one other person who made them for his own cocktail party and reported that they were a big hit.
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Pimm's Cup:

two parts lemonade to one part Pimm's. include lots of ice.

add cucumber, then optionally mint and a slice of orange, lemon, or apple.
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make sangria
2 parts cheap red wine
1 part frozen juice concentrate (orange is good)
lots of fresh fruit (melon and citrus work best. berries get too mushy)

you can play with the ratio of wine to juice to get it to your taste.
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A shot of rum, brandy, or even Everclear will add some kick to that sangria.
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Fresh mango
Squeeze of lemon
Blend with ice
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Drop some mangos and strawberries in a blender, puree, add vodka and pour into an ice cream maker; let it go till it's got that nice slushy consistency. Or if you don't have an ice cream maker, just add ice to that blender.

Also, Skot's Passionfruit of the Christ (recipe's down in the comments) is excellent, and turns out pretty well as a frozen drink (again, either ice cream maker or blender), but I'd use fresh raspberries instead of frozen in that case.
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Among those that I've actually made/consumed:

If you like champagne or prosecco, you might want to try a bellini. There's a standard recipe for a peach bellini here, but a search of the food network site for "bellini" will net lots of different recipes using either champagne or prosecco; fresh or frozen fruit.

You can add fresh fruit to any daquiri - gold rum, lime, sugar, lime zest strips shaken with crushed ice, served straight up (or frozen or on the rocks, if you like it that way). There's also your standard banana daiquiri -
rum, banana liqueur and fresh bananas blended with crushed ice. Mmmm.

Make a margarita - Tequila, Cointreau & lime juice in a salt rimmed martini glass (straight up, add a little fresh fruit to that).

You can also add fruit (berries, small cubes of melon) to your standard martini recipe.

Sangria: A Bottle of red or white wine, some sugar, and sliced oranges and lemons (and sometimes apples and other fruit). You need to make it about 24 hours beforehand and let it sit in the fridge, then cut it with some orange flavored soda water and brandy. I'm vague on this one because I've never actually made sangria (just enjoyed it) - but you can find about a million recipes online.

You may also want to run a search on "fresh fruit" through The Webtender.
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Freeze the fruit (banana, melon, strawberries (or any berries), mango, peaches...). Once frozen, drop a cup or so of it in the blender, add 6-8 ice cubes, a fruit juice of your choice (orange, grapefruit, cranberry all work) or fresh lime juice and water until it almost blends to a slush. Throw in vodka, or rum, or tequilla, or triple sec, or Grand Marnier to your prefered taste. Blend again. Drink.

If you want to be even more decadent you can throw in some milk, cream or yoghurt.
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Strawberry-Basil Martini: make a basil simple syrup by slowly simmering fresh basil with sugar and water. Then, in a cocktail shaker, add about a teaspoon of that syrup to the normal amount of high-quality vodka. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a whole strawberry cut into slices.
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A caipirinha, of course.
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Equal parts Pom and Champagne. Lime twist.
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The old Vodka melon is always a hit. Chop a watermelon in half and pour in lots of vodka, you can give the non-alcholic side to the kids. Let it soak, ad more vodka, let it soak some more. Then get a melon baller or a spoon and just let people pull out chunks until it's empty.
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Baltimore Libre-
Melon of your choice, but not really watermelon (crunchy Korean melon works well)
lime juice

Blend and drink.

What do I care, use watermelon, I'm no fascist.
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White wine sangria - Googling brings up a ton of different recipes. So many different fruits sound good with this - melon, starfruit, pineapple, raspberries, citrus, passionfruit, pomegranate, green apple, grapes, strawberries.... here's two that I just bookmarked for myself - with mango and with peaches and basil. I even saw one as a menu item made with 43 Licor that I must experiment with, mmmm!

Also, perhaps look up fruit margarita recipes. Peach or raspberry or strawberry margaritas would be tasty, frozen or not.
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One pint lemon sorbet, one pint of strawberries, puree, and add prosecco, champagne, or vodka as you like. Can also be made with ginger ale for the minors. It's addictive on a hot day.
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I'll second the Strawberry-Basil Martini. The basil sounds weird, but is outstanding and refreshing.

In the spirit of fresh, a Dark and Stormy or a Moscow Mule are both fantastic if you add some muddled, fresh ginger (and a top notch ginger beer like Stewarts).
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er, I meant Reed's, not Stewarts.
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You need to make yourself an infusion, known popularly as "wop". The great thing about making wop is that you get to make up your own recipe each time you make it. All you have to do is pick out the booze you'll use (vodka and rum work best, some wop I once had that used Bacardi Razz was stellar but you can use the cheap shit just fine). If you're planning to throw a party, go all out and buy a few handles of cheap shit. Pour all the booze into a container and throw in whatever fresh fruit you want- a straight vodka-pineapple infusion is fantastic, but you can use your imagination. Strawberry, kiwi, apple, mango, orange, etc. are all popular for the wopper.

You can let it sit for as few as four nights before serving, but two weeks is probably about right for making quality wop. If you use one or two fruits, such as pineapple and orange, I'd consider squeezing the fruit to get the vodka out of it and discarding the pulp- if you're using more elements it might make the flavor muddy. In this case the fruit you have will be extremely potent- taking a bite is like taking a shot. You can use the fruit as a garnish, or when you finish off the booze you can blend the fruit with ice and ice cream to make delicious smoothies.
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Mojitos with rasberries. Mash up the rasberries with a pestle (or even the back of a spoon) then pour your standard mojito on top.
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Bronx Cocktail:

2 Parts gin (I like Plymouth, but anything decent will suffice)
1 part dry vermouth
1 part Sweet vermouth
1 part fresh-squeezed orange juice (depending on the size of your drink, roughly 1/4 - 1/2 of an orange)

Shake with ice, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with orange slice, and enjoy responsibly.
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Sorbet with a Twist: "Combine 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice and 2 tablespoons of tequila in a blender. Add 3/4 cup sorbet (any flavor) and blend until thoroughly mixed. Place salt on the rim of a glass if desired. Pour sorbet mixture into glass and enjoy."
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A cocktail thread without Migs - what have we come to, and it was his birthday, I believe, just a couple of days ago.
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I spent a lovely summer in Boston plowed out of my mind on Nectarine Bombs.

2 medium ripe nectarines
1 can of frozen Minute Maid Lemonade
Rum to comprise 1/3 of final volume

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