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Dashboard camera owners/connoisseurs: please share your recommendations for the best available. I'm looking for automatic operation and superior image quality.

There is no shortage of cheap dashcams available, and the ones that automatically record when the engine is running (and overwrite the memory card as needed) are pretty much all I need. However, even on the ones that advertise as HD, the quality is still terrible. Is no one making a dash cam units that have cameras as good as the latest smartphones? Money isn't really an object. Extra features such as GPS and motion detection/G-force sensors aren't really required, but won't be shunned.

Bonus if you know of a custom shop in Texas who will install cameras integrated into the dashboard or headliner that require little to no user input to function. I'd love something that was hidden or hard to see.
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why not use an android phone with this app, you do not need a plan or cell signal to use the camera. Saw this on XDA devs as a use for an old phone.
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I've considered getting a spare Samsung Galaxy or something for this, but the amount of fiddling to get started and stopped is really more than I care to do on a daily basis.
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