Academic networking for dummies, and more helpful hints
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A couple months ago I found a very long document talking about academic networking. I believe it was written over 20 years ago but still seemed incredibly relevant. As a young student trying to get his footing in academia, I'd love to find this networking primer again, as well as other things to read that would be helpful.

I'm a biologist, and I've been lusting over At the Bench for a while now. What else can you recommend?
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Best answer: Maybe Phil Agre's "Networking on the Network"?
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The Professor Is In's blog has some great posts on this.
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Best answer: donovan is correct, it's "Networking on the Network" -- I've recommended it to several students over the years. Here is the 2005 version.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you donovan and Neneh!

Any other recommendations? Biology or generally academic information?
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Wow, yay! I've been searching for this for a long time also, so I'm so happy it was found.
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