I envy those who make art installations for a living
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I live in Philadelphia. I love sculpture and art installations, but suck at finding them when they happen. Help me find RSS feeds or email services that'll tell me when cool art-type things happen nearby me!

I'm not nearly patient enough to sift through a glut of emails or feeds if only one message out of a hundred involves locations I'd be interested in, so the more specific the updates are to my area, the better.
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Light googling lead me to uwishunu.

These sites always have such unfortunate names, and while it's not *exactly* what you're looking for if you find something you like you can ask the organizer of the particular event about other events they're planning.
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Here's philebrity's art listings. Hello fellow Philadelphian!
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This isn't exactly what you want either but PhillyFunguide has a visual arts listing. It also has an advanced search where you can limit by neighborhood.
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Just wanted to mention (though you probably know already) that the Philadelphia Art Museum is free on the first Sunday of every month. They frequently have some cool exhibits/installations up in the main museum and the Annex that go way beyond Classics and ancient stoneware. Right now they have a Rockwell Kent exhibit and a Ralph Eugene Meatyard exhibit. Both are worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing.
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I did not know! I was thinking installations more in the sense of installation pieces, not painting installations – is that the sort they have? Yay Philadelphians!
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They have all kinds of stuff! A couple years ago I went to see this sound installation and recently they had this Data Garden exhibit/thing. So yeah! They sometimes have awesome installations roll through and at the price of FREE why not check them out.
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