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Any ideas for presents for a young man who wishes to be a professional stand-up comedian?

My brother just received a professional degree but is choosing to pursue stand-up instead. He has been doing this for ten years. I want to give him a present (to commemorate his receiving this degree) but I want to relate to stand-up, since that is what he'll be pursuing.

Any ideas? Great books? A little microphone to record his sets?

Any ideas welcome...
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It's not expensive, but I'd highly recommend The Naked Jape as a good book on jokes and standup.
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How meta would you want to get?
You could get him one of these, and have his name engraved on it. 'Cause, you know, every standup stage has one, but he has his own personal one and...
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Born Standing Up by Steve Martin is a good read.
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I'd give money. Unless he's doing really well today, he'll need dough.
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I hate recommending a book I haven't read, but I've heard very good things about Mike Sack's And Here's The Kicker, and it's been on my to-read list for a while.
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Moleskine Reporter notebooks will give him a nice portable place to jot down his jokes as he comes up with them.
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I found Howie Mandel's autobiographical book Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me interesting in that it's an exposition of lots of fairly extreme quirks and eccentricities turned to his advantage in his career.
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Give him the universal symbol of comedy.
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I really enjoyed the other Jimmy Carr/Lucy Greeves book on jokes: Only Joking.

I did have to source a second-hand copy, though. Not sure if it's available new.
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To add to the book recommendations, I absolutely loved I'm Dying Up Here.
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My stand-up comic husband loves this little tripod for holding his iPhone or Flip for making videos of his sets. Some clubs will make videos for comics, but they may charge for it. Having recordings of yourself is nice just for self-improvement, but it is also necessary for entering competitions and other things that don't have in-person auditions.

For an iPhone, he would also need this mount. It's actually even still possible to buy a Flip, which makes much better video than your average cellphone.
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I'd give him two things: a pair of those Groucho Marx plastic glasses with the fake nose and mustache attached, plus cash.

Or maybe a plastic lapel flower/water squirter.....
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I'm a dork, so in addition to the "real" present, I'd probably include a $5 gift card for Jo-Ann's Fabrics "...so now you'll always have new material! (ba-dum-dum-CHING)"

Some of the most beloved gifts I have ever given were random pocket-sized good-luck charms, especially for notoriously superstitious people like comics (or sports fans).
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It's an oldie but a goodie, the book I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics is really terrific, plus I'd get him Marc Maron's WTF the First 100 Episodes. Even if he's listening to this podcast he may not have shelled out for the premium package and I'd consider that. They're good interviews with many of the big names in standup and pretty good discussion about the profession, though not comedy themselves.
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A great how-to book: Zen and the Art of Standup Comedy by Jay Sankey

Seconding HydroPsyche's tripod, or if he's serious and you can afford it, a good high quality digital audio recorder with stereo mics -- he could literally record a CD with it, or tape his sets.
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My first instinct, too, was to say "money", but he might see that as undermine-y or tongue-in-cheek, even if you intend it as a loving, supportive gesture. But if he's the type to take it at face value, the working creatives I know would love money as a gift.

Otherwise, if he doesn't already have one, a Kindle or an e-reader could be a nice present to acknowledge both chapters of his life, and from a practical standpoint would be very handy on the road - working stand ups spend a lot of time alone in restaurants and hotel rooms.

Perhaps pre-loaded with a couple of the book selections above?
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On Comedy, which from first-hand experience the Carson and Seinfeld are excellent "inside baseball" type interviews about the craft of comedy.
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